RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone hits mobile January 18



RPG dice: Heroes of Whitestone arrives on Google Play and the App Store this January 18. This tabletop inspired character fighting RPG is developed by WIMO Games.

The game focuses on the village of Whitestone which is currently under siege by the Twilight Empire. This evil organization has vile goblins, savage orcs, and cunning elves among its ranks. The only thing standing in the way of this empire are the wizards, warriors, and thieves who are drawn to the city in the hopes of gaining honor, fame, and, of course, loot.

In the game, players form a party from a list of at least 60 heroes. Players can advance through each adventure through an arena similar to a tabletop game. They roll dice to move around the board and trigger various scenarios like engaging in turn-based combat. The key is to have a balanced party by equipping each character with unique dice. Dice, skills, and items can then be upgraded to form a strong team.

However, moving the board isn’t just about combat. Players can also come across tiles where they can talk with NPCs to advance the story. Some tiles can also help complete quests or even get new ones. Chest tiles, on the other hand, offer players epic loot as well as gear that can be equipped.

Those looking for a challenge can choose PvP battles where the rewards are higher. There is also a ranked progression system with online leaderboards. Players can also band together and form a guild to defeat the Pig Chief. Once strong enough, guild members can decide to loot the Ziggurat, which is the endgame dungeon that has the deadliest enemies and the most epic loot.

In a statement, WIMO Games CEO Dave Rosen said they grew up loving the worlds offered by tabletop RPGs. He added that this game is their love letter to these games and is delighted that everyone has the same experience through Android and iOS.

It still takes a while before the game officially releases. So there is still time to pre-register for the game. Those who do can unlock various valuable rewards, including the Uncommon Rank 2 Battle Dice, Rare Rank 3 Thief Gloves, Steel Mace of Rare rank 3 warrior weapon night and the verdant doublet, epic rank 4 caster chest armor. If there are enough pre-registrations before launch, anyone can earn the Orc Warrior Hero Thokrug.

Players can pre-register for the game here.

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