The chasm is great for Liyue and Genshin Impact characters and lore



The chasm is a permanent feature in Genshin Impact now, offering a chance to reunite with a major character, learn about new NPCs, and discover new details about the game’s story. Of course, this is true for virtually every new region in the game. For example , Enkanomiya offered new prospects for Inazuma, as did Dragonspine for Mondstadt. But he feels particularly well executed in this case, due to how his new gadget works and the new Archon and World quests.

Editor’s note: There will be spoilers for The Chasm in Genshin Impact and archon and world quests, characters, and lore that pop up while visiting.

The first part of The Chasm that is so rewarding is how it adds another Enkanomiya and Dragonspine-like area to Genshin Impact. It is a space that gradually expands and fills, encouraging exploration. As you do, you will learn more about the world. There are nooks and crannies to explore. Reaching a new area may not be obvious at first. Or, progress can be tied to completing Archons and World Quests. The Seelies here will guide you along the path of questlines.

Like Dragonspine and Sacred Sakura, players encounter various region-specific collectibles in the chasm. Here they allow you to upgrade a gadget, the Lumenstone adjuvant, and get rewards to do it. Not to mention, the Lumenstone adjuvant is tied to actual exploration, as you’ll need to use it to clear oozing concretions from the area and complete often optional objectives. I’d say it’s even more satisfying than Dragonspine, given that there’s not the constant threat of freezing to death. The Lumenstone adjuvant is incredibly easy to “recharge”, the challenges you need it for are always worth the reward, and the Lumenspar needed to level it up is plentiful.


We also get a new world quest which is illuminating in many ways. First, we discover interesting things Genshin Impact minor characters along the way. One is Zhiqiong. She is part of the Adventurers Guild and is determined to leave her mark. We see where that takes her, not to mention how dangerous such a passion is. Talking to him every step of the way also gives a clue as to what kind of thoughts ordinary people might have about those who have visions. Yes, at the time, she was negatively influenced by anomalies, as Khedive notes, but that might also offer a hint of truth to the situation. We also work alongside Clitopho, a trickster who started out as an alchemist in Mondstadt. Although we have already met Treasure Hoarders, Clitopho offers a better opportunity to see how and why someone would join the group. As well as offering more information about the members showing who left the group and then wants to pursue another business. In the end, he actually finds a new place for himself and something that he does really well.

More importantly, I would say the Requiem of the Echoing Depths Archon Quest is a surprisingly informative in-between. This requires people to progress through The Chasm Delvers to unlock it. Once you’ve done that, you have a preview of Genshin Impact, characters like the Traveler’s brother and Dainsleif, enemies like the Hilichurls and Serpent Knights, and Khaenri’ah. With Dainsleif, we learn more about his personal struggles and the curse he suffers. Which, in turn, helps explain his behavior and possibly even the mask he wears. He gets a better insight into the lives of the Hilichurls, the cursed former citizens of Khaenri’ah, and the Serpent Knights who were once human protectors in the city. It humanizes them. With Dainsleif, we see his potential flaws and what years of wandering have done to him. We also see that Dainsleif isn’t alone with his strong will, as another warrior named Halfdan is always someone “present”.

The chasm is great for Liyue and Genshin Impact characters and lore

But even more important is the traveler’s brother’s flashback to what is essentially a “final” camp of Hilichurl. Prior to this particular Archon Quest, Genshin Impact didn’t really show any possible motive for the Traveler’s twin to join the Order of the Abyss. Here they are seen mourning the Hilichurls. They leave behind an Inteyvat flower. It’s a more emotional moment and offers more of an idea of ​​”why”.

I would say the area has only one real flaw. It’s that The Chasm Delvers questline in Genshin Impact is not expressed. It is a six-step process with several important characters. It even offers our first glimpses of Yelan in-game. Yet for all of that action, there’s no voice acting. It looks like a gross oversight. Especially when it comes to the character Zhiqiong. We learn how the descent affects it. The text reflects a marked change in his behavior and constitution. Being able to hear that as it went along would have really helped the experience.

The chasm is great for Liyue and Genshin Impact characters and lore

The result is that everything here immediately feels valuable. Exploring The Chasm Passing By Genshin Impact feels useful, due to character interactions in its Archon and World quests and newly acquired knowledge of its lore. It helps reinforce the basics of the game before we head into a new region with 3.0 in a very positive way.

Genshin Impact is available for PS4, PS5, PC and mobile devices. A Nintendo Switch version is in development.

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