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Beyond its artisanal and management aspects, Potionomics also features a wide variety of expressive, larger-than-life characters to interact with during your daily adventures. Not only can you interact with them and even start a romance, but they also provide services for your store.

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Every character in Potionomics is awesome, thanks to great writing and animation. Some stand out a little more than others, either because of their personality or their usefulness. This list ranks every supporting character from worst to best, but rest assured, they’re all great and worth interacting with.


10/10 Corsica

Corsac, the Survivalist Hero, is the second opponent you will face in your competitions after Roxanne. He is a skilled hunter and adventurer who personally gathers his own ingredients for potion making, which naturally makes him a formidable foe to face.

Once you get to sit down and talk to him, Corsac suffers a bit from the late game he comes in with. It is difficult to spend enough time to get to know him. His animal-imitation thing is still funny, though, and his high base health, inventory, and potion-making ability make him an excellent adventurer.

9/10 Salt and pepper

This pair of cat pirates comes a bit later in the game. Once you unlock them, you can spend quite a bit of money to get a slice of their treasure. On top of that, Salt and Pepper make for a pretty hilarious duo, with Salt talking the most and constantly promoting the bigger but shy Pepper.

Salt and Pepper are a great duo, but the fact that they’re attached at the hip takes away from their individuality a bit. They’re also the only characters in the game that you can’t romance, instead becoming “blood brothers” with Sylvia if you choose the right options. The pirate chat concept is too big to ignore, though.

8/10 Moon

Luna is a four-armed butterfly lady that you will meet soon enough. Thanks to her marketing, she can increase the price of certain potions in the coming days, which is a huge plus. Character-wise, Luna is almost like a modern-day influencer. She is constantly on the phone and looking for new clients.

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She may seem a little stereotypical, but her enthusiasm and charm are infectious, not to mention her adorable design. Her biggest problem is that it’s hard to work with the cards she gives you. They encourage you to have high stress, but it can often make your life much more difficult.

7/10 Baptist

As the current Administrator of the Heroes Guild, Baptiste brings flair and flamboyance wherever he goes. He will allow you to invest in his heroes’ expeditions, which has a good chance of rewarding you with rare materials. His cards, some of which can restore your customers’ patience, are extremely solid.

Baptiste is an incredibly fun presence and always worth spending time with. His naivety is charming without ever being annoying. His expeditions, however, are prohibitively expensive and rarely seem worthwhile. It is often better to invest in your true adventurers.

6/10 Saffron

Safran is a forest hermit carpenter whom Sylvia meets in the woods. She’s a laid-back, relaxed woman, and her cards reflect that by focusing on lowering your stress. As you come across tougher and tougher customers, you’ll find that these cards are invaluable.

The services that Saffron offers you are even more valuable. As a carpenter, she provides increased space in Sylvia’s shop for shelves and potions. As you need to increase your potion blueprints and earn money, Saffron’s services will be most important. Just be aware of their price.

5/10 xid

World famous superstar by day, seasoned adventurer by night, Xidriel is the second adventurer you will meet after Mint. She has a higher starting mana pool, allowing you to focus more on improving her health and other stats. This gives him a big boost over Mint, whose base stats are nothing out of the ordinary.

Otherwise, Xid is just a cool character to hang out with. Sylvia is a big fan of hers, and you’ll probably become one too when you find out about her dual identity. She has a number of interesting cards, such as Chorus, which starts out weak but gets stronger as you play her in a single encounter.

4/10 Muktuk

Craftsman walrus Muktuk is loud, confident and all around a ton of fun. Less arrogant and more fully confident in his abilities, his storyline sees Sylvia helping him achieve his fine work that will be remembered for generations.

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Fortunately, Muktuk lends you his talents, and they are invaluable. For a price, he will give you the cauldrons and shelves you need to craft and sell your potions. His cards focus on improving yourself to deliver one massive strike at a time. Overall, he’s not just a great character, but an incredibly useful character.

3/10 mint

Mint, as the first adventurer you meet, doesn’t quite have the base stats of Corsac or Xid. What she has is a winning personality, great potential as she progresses, and incredibly useful cards that can both defend you and deal damage.

Mint is a total adventurous fangirl who wants to prove that she is a great hero in her own right. Her magnetic personality will make you want to come back again and again just to see how far she has progressed. Frankly, it’s also nice to see a female character who has real muscles.

2/10 Roxanne

As the first rival you meet, Roxanne is a shameless jerk who constantly picks on Sylvia with taunts. After posing as a demon, however, Roxanne takes refuge in Sylvia’s basement, where she offers magical charms that can influence what your customers think of your potions.

Roxanne is always fun to interact with, and her banter with Sylvia is excellent. Watching her try to resist her demonic urges to try and become a successful businesswoman is a genuinely interesting arc. No one would blame you if you chose romance her.

1/10 quinn

The non-binary witch Quinn runs the ingredient store, which is probably the most important place in all of Potionomics. Thanks to Quinn, you will buy the vast majority of the ingredients you will need for make potionswhile giving them new ones that they will later add to their stock.

Not to mention the usefulness of their cards, which allow you to quickly scan your deck and search for new cards. Much more than their usefulness, Quinn is just a truly fantastic character. They are sarcastic and constantly tired, but there is also a lot going on under the surface.

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