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The gaming industry generated $180 billion (R271 trillion) in global revenue in 2021, more than the sports and film industries combined.

Mobile games account for just over 50% of gaming industry revenue, which isn’t much of a surprise considering there are 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide today. .

The mobile gaming market is a force of nature in itself, and some titles have brought in billions of rands through a combination of charm and gameplay.

The five highest-grossing mobile games of all time are ranked below.

5. Clash of clans (R11.6 trillion)

Editor: Supercell (Tencent)

Kind: Strategy

Release date: August 2, 2012

In clash of clans, you play as a village chief tasked with building a clan while fortifying his village with the resources he plundered from other clans.

These resources can also be used to upgrade your army so you can defend your village and attack your friends and other players online.

Although Clash of Clans’ revenue peaked at R2.7 trillion in 2015, it can always be found in the top 10 on App Store and Google Play Store.

4. Pokémon Go (R11.69 billion)

Editor: Niantic / The Pokémon Company

Kind: Augmented reality

Release date: July 6, 2016

Combining augmented reality with one of the world’s most popular franchises has resulted in a truly unique game.

Pokemon Go incorporates the real world into Pokémon hunting and was originally positioned as a family activity that would encourage people to leave the house and get some exercise.

Unfortunately, Pokemon Go received bad press after its unique mechanic resulted in a number of negative incidents such as players walking past oncoming traffic.

While it may have dampened the incredible levels of hype when it launched in 2016, there are still millions of players still active in 2022.

3. Puzzles and Dragons (R12.9 trillion)

Editor: GunHo

Kind: Puzzle RPG

Release date: February 20, 2012

Puzzle is a tile matching game like candy Crush.

However, this game has taken it a step further by adding a battle mechanic that you have to perform on matching tiles simultaneously.

Puzzle was the first game to surpass $1 billion (R1.5 trillion) in revenue in its first year of release.

The game’s success created an entire franchise, as it moved from mobile to console, had a spin-off game for Nintendo 3DS, and created an animated series in its own image.

2. Monster Strike (R14.9 trillion)

Editor: mixi

Kind: Strategy RPG

Release date: August 8, 2013

Monster Strike is obviously inspired by Pokemon like his the gameplay requires players to throw their monsters at the enemy.

Despite its domestic success in Japan, monster strike is relatively unknown internationally, as the English version of the game was discontinued in 2017 due to its unpopularity.

In Japan, however, the game is so popular that it has been adapted into an anime series and an entire trilogy of anime films.

1. Honor of Kings / Arena of Valor (R20.1 trillion)

Editor: Tencent

Kind: MOBA

Release date: November 26, 2015

honor of kings is a MOBA game developed by Chinese gaming giant Tencent.

After its success in China, the game was adapted to the international market and renamed Arena of Valor.

Like many MOBA games, there are a variety of different characters and game modes to try out.

Arena of Valor has dominated the mobile market in the same way as League of Legends Dominated on PC, and grossing $2.45 billion (R3.6 trillion) worldwide in 2020 alone, it’s the highest-earning mobile video game of all time.

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