Men In Black Invade Mobile Title Zombieland: AFK Survival



This Halloween season, Zombieland: AFK Survival is invaded by aliens, agents, and equipment from the hit Men in Black movies during a month-long event.

The zombie hordes in Zombieland: AFK Survival have been replaced by the scum of the universe, and the best way to defeat them is by teaming up with the experts in the field of alien fighting – the Men In Black. Players can collect eight new MiB-inspired heroes including Agent J, Agent K, over 30 new iconic Men in Black weapons, trinkets and gadgets, including the Neuralyzer, Noisy Cricket and the Car of the ‘agent K.

Over 30 new weapons and trinkets and more during the Total Takeover of the game

Over the next month, players can engage in daily tasks and missions to collect Universe Tokens and Red Buttons in the Alien Invasion Special Program and Galactic Travels to get more awesome items like the Deatomizer, the Reverberating Carbonizer and much more.

The event also coincides with the second anniversary of Zombieland: AFK Survival, in which players embark on a wacky road trip through America’s post-apocalyptic wasteland that has been overrun by the living dead. Whether playing as the favorites Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock, or over 100 new characters, players must kill zombies in dozens of missions on a road trip through the country, the woods of New Brunswick. England to California beaches. Players can also form guilds to participate in cooperative raids for rare characters and weapons, and participate in weekly challenges.

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