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Agnidus Agate, a bright red gem, is the elemental stone that all Pyro characters in Genshin Impact use in their ascent. This mystical gem can be found in different ways, but some are definitely more reliable than others.

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Anyone planning to mount Pyro characters – who are often high-level fighters – will need to use some or all of these methods. Agnidus Agate, like other elemental gems, comes in the form of shards, fragments, chunks, and gemstones. Below is an overview of all the possible ways to get Agnidus Agate in Genshin Impactas well as the characters who will need it to reach their highest potential.


What characters use Agnidus Agate

All Genshin Impact a character lucky enough to be blessed with a Pyro Vision will need Agnidus Agate if they want to ascend. At higher levels of ascension, higher quality Agate is needed, as shown in this table:

Climb level character level Gem Required
1 20 3x Ribbon
2 40 3x shard
3 50 6x shard
4 60 3x Piece
5 70 6x Piece
6 80 6x Gem

Currently, there are ten Pyro characters in Genshin Impact. Here is an overview of each of them:

Genshin Impact Bosses that drop Agnidus Agate

Of the many ways to obtain Agnidus Agate, the most reliable way to farm large amounts will be by defeating bosses. However, only some of the standard bosses are able to drop the Pyro Stone:

In general, the quality of Agate that bosses can obtain depends on their level. Here’s a quick rundown of what level a boss needs to be to drop certain gems:

Global level boss level Gems
0+ 36+ Shards
2+ 41+ fragments
4+ 62+ Parts
6+ 83+ Precious stones

* Although the Primo Geovishap can still drop Prithiva Topaz, it will only drop other elemental gems when infused with their corresponding element. This means that in order for the Vishap to drop Agnidus Agate, it will need to be fought and defeated while it infuses Pyro.

Genshin Impact Weekly Bosses That Drop Agnidus Agate

In addition to the standard bosses, some of the Trounce challenge bosses (and Andrius) can also drop Agnidus Agate. They are:

Like standard bosses, the higher the level of a weekly boss, the more gems of better quality it can get. Azhdaha, La Signora, and other weekly bosses follow this chart, but Andrius is a bit different and listed above.

Gems Domain levels
Shards I, II, III, IV
fragments I, II, III, IV
Parts II, III, IV
Precious stones III, IV

*Azhdaha is similar to the Primo Geovishap in that it can only drop elemental gems that match its infused elements when fought (with the exception of Prithiva Topaz, which it can still drop). However, Azhdaha infuses two elements per fight instead of just one, and they are determined by weekly rotation.

The player can see what elements Azhdaha is infusing this week by looking for the elemental symbols on his domain gate before fighting him.

Other Ways to Get Agnidus Agate in Genshin Impact

Although boss battles are generally the most reliable way to farm Agnidus Agate in Genshin Impactthere are many other sources, which this section will review.

Daily Commissions

Each day, players will be awarded four Daily Commissions by the Adventurer’s Guild. By completing all four, they can earn a bonus reward, which can be claimed by visiting Katheryne in any Guild branch.

These bonus reward packages will include a variety of rewards and XP, including Elemental Gem Shards. It’s random which ones the player receives, but Agnidus Agate will be among them, of course.

Arts and crafts

At a crafting bench, lower quality gems can be crafted into higher quality gems at a ratio of 3:1.

Here’s how it works:

Ingredients More Product
3x Ribbon + 300 = 1x Shard
3x shard + 900 = 1x Piece
3x Piece + 2,700 = 1x gemstone

This equals 27 shards for a single gemstone. It’s heavy, but it’s a good way to get the quality a player needs, and they’ll likely find themselves using this crafting technique a lot.


Another function available on crafting benches is conversion, which allows the player to transform items into others. This requires Azoth Dust, which can be purchased for Stardust from Paimon’s bargains. It costs 5 Stardust for 10 accounts of Dust of Azoth.

Using this conversion technique, players can transform one elemental gem into another. For example, a sliver of Lazurite Varunada can be converted into a sliver of Agnidus Agate.

Higher tier gems require more Azoth Dust to convert, as shown here:

gem level Azoth Dust Required
Wick 1
Fragment 3
Section 9
Gem 27

Agnidus Agate can be converted from Prithiva Topaz, Vayuda Turquoise, Shivada Jade, Varunada Lazurite or Vajrada Amethyst.

Parametric transformer

The Parametric Transformer is a fascinating device that allows players to convert materials into special items, including elemental gems.

The fuel they use in the transformer does not guarantee a particular output, but it does appear that some results are more likely with certain types of fuel. These materials are found to have a high probability of producing Elemental Ascension Gems:

piece of iron Horn Lapis firm arrowhead Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife
piece of tinplate Noctilucous Jade Sharp arrowhead Agent’s Sacrificial Knife
piece of crystal Starsilver Weathered Arrowhead Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife
piece of magic crystal crystal marrow Sango Pearl Pearl Loach
piece of amethyst crystal core Electro Crystal

The parametric transformer produces “sets” of elements, and several of the same set can be created. “Sets” that include Elemental Ascension Gems will either have two shards or one shard.


The final option for finding Agnidus Agate is through time-limited events. Although not always, events often have elemental ascension gems available in their prize stores or as rewards for meeting certain criteria.

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