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Potionomics is a brand new simulator combining deck building and management where players will have to learn how to own a potion shop and sell items to various customers. The game has received many recommendations and praise from loyal XSEED players. As such, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to all the characters in Potionomics, along with their specific roles and how you can unlock them, so read on.

Main characters


Sylvia is a witch and the main protagonist of Potionomics. As a fresh graduate of the Academy of Sorcery, she returns home to find her childhood shop in a complete mess and has been abandoned by her father. In order to fulfill her dream and pay off her huge debt, she reopened her shop and started selling potions.

Potionomics All Characters Owl


Owl is actually a human trapped in the body of an owl. He can be grumpy, sarcastic, and overly paranoid at times, but means well and is loyal to Sylvia, and advises her on how to run the store.

How to unlock: Default. Locked at 5 rows.


Potionomics All Luna Characters


Luna is a butterfly creature and has six limbs, wings, and antennae. She loves to eat fruit and is one of the romantic partners in the game. She also owns a marketing business that her parents don’t approve of, and she has the ability to help improve Sylvia’s potion shop.

How to unlock: Complete the main quest for day 13

Potionomics All Muktuk Characters


Although he may look like a giant walrus, he is the main craftsman on the island, building new cauldrons, shelves and more for Sylvia at affordable prices. When he wants to be alone, he spends time in his personal workshop and works on a vast project led by the spirits of his ancestors.

How to unlock: Complete the main quest of day 3

Potionomics All Characters Quinn


Quinn is a traveling potion ingredient vendor and she will be your best friend when it comes to gathering resources. She holds a crystal ball to see the future and loves collecting rare items on her travels.

How to unlock: Complete the Main Quest for Day 1

Potionomics All Characters Saffron


To upgrade Sylvia’s shop and make it a little stylish to attract customers, Safran is there to save the day. She’s the town’s carpenter and likes to drink tea and tire her hands on big projects.

How to unlock: Complete the main quest for day 7

Potionomics All Characters Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper

Salt and Pepper are local pirates who are willing to share their treasure and are very friendly. They love to collect ores like glass ore and when your friendship rank with them is maxed they will become your blood brothers.

How to unlock: Complete the main quest for day 14

Heroes Guild Characters

Potionomics All characters Baptiste


Baptiste is the current Guild Master of the Heroes Guild and a human that Sylvia will meet in the game. He loves collecting flowers and is a romantic character in the game.

How to unlock: After completing the 1st adventure with Mint.

Potionomics All Characters Mint


As a member of the Heroes Guild, she is very focused on her job and can be hired by Sylia to gather ingredients for her shop. She wields a large mallet and round shield and is fun to hang around with.

How to unlock: Complete the main quest for day 2

Potionomics All characters Xidriel

Xid / Xidriel

Known to many as Xid, Xidriel works as a bard in the Heroes Guild. She is interested in collecting insects like rot larvae and enjoys writing new music and trying new things.

How to unlock: Completing the main quest for Day 13 and crafting a Greater Mana Potion is required to unlock its first event.


Potionomics All Aubia Characters


One of the rivals Sylvia will encounter is Anubia. She has a personality similar to an empress who enjoys oppressing people and has an unruly temper tantrum that gets her into trouble, especially as a potion seller.

Potionomics All Characters Boss Finn

Boss Finn

Boss Finn is a business rival who plays dirty by selling cheap quality potions made from expired ingredients and raising potion prices, especially for ordinary people in town. He does not like to take responsibility for his actions and always finds fear as a source of pleasure

Potionomics All Corsac Characters


Corsac is one of the rivals Sylvia will encounter in the match. He makes his own potion ingredients and tries to use less of his surroundings. More so, it is difficult to talk to him as he spends most of his time out of town. Other than that, he enjoys collecting mushrooms, especially Impstool mushrooms.

Potionomics All characters Helen


While she may not look like a business rival, she is a debt collector who occasionally checks on Sylvia to see if her business is successful or not and if she can pay the debt left by her father.

Potionomics All Robin Characters


Of the rivals Sylvia will have to face, Robin is actually the nicest. He works as a celebrity judge and is also a potion maker. He loves his adoring fans, unlocking new ingredients and his hometown of Rafta.

Potionomics All Characters Roxanne


Another rival Sylvia will meet in the city. She is also a potion seller and is determined to prove to everyone that her stocks are better than Sylvia’s. But after some fierce competition, she begins to grow friendlier towards her.

This is our guide to all Potionomics characters. For more Potionomics news, guides, and features, check out our other articles here.

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