BL mobile game ‘NU: Carnival’ reveals Yakumo’s voice in new trailer



Taiwanese developer Infinity Alpha and co-developer / publisher SGArts have shared a new video for NU: Carnival featuring one of Eiden’s clan members, Yakumo. The BL game will be released for mobile systems via EROLABS in the first quarter of 2022 with English subtitles. He is currently in a pre-registration campaign and players will receive ten free summons for exceeding the 50,000 accounts registered to date.

NU: Carnival is a fantasy RPG set in a mysterious land called Klein Continent. The region has five territories, each representing an elemental force. Klein Continent has suffered from the influence of Chaotic Elemental Spirits in the past. At the time, a legendary wizard called Huey had built altars with gems to control and keep these powers sealed.

Members of his clan were then responsible for the maintenance of the altars over the years. However, Huey suddenly disappeared 20 years ago, and the world harmony quickly disintegrated. Natural disasters became more common, monsters appeared all over the territory, and the territory of the dead zone began to expand into the five elemental zones.

To save the world, two familiars summoned a man from another world, a person they recognized as Huey’s descendant. Players will now have to do their best to protect the Klein Continent and bring harmony back to the world. To restore the world, they have to mess with other characters. It’s the old erogated excuse of body fluids with magical properties that we all know and love.

Yakumo is a descendant of a legendary serpent, inheriting great powers. He’s usually very nice and polite, but when he gets angry he can get scary. Raised by an elderly couple who found them alone, he now wishes to become stronger so that he can protect the protagonist, Eiden, and never be alone again. Its voice actor is Manaka Sawa, who also voiced Dramatic murderIt’s clear.

Prior to Yakumo’s video, the companies had also shared a trailer for protagonist Eiden, who is voiced by Netoru Irakusa (Room n ° 9‘s Seiji Azumi). He works in a sex toy company that designs products and has a very laid back attitude towards relationships. Once Eiden hit puberty he realized he was gay, and now he’s quite open-minded about his own fantasies, being obscene and a shameless kinky switch.

One day, while working overtime, he found a fragment of a gemstone from a client. Suddenly he’s plunged into a parallel world where people think he’s a descendant of Huey, the hero of old. Now he must collect elemental gems to protect the world from the returning chaos. However, that’s no reason he doesn’t have fun with some men along the way.

We will keep you posted as soon as more information about NU: Carnival is published by Infinity Alpha and SGArts.

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