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Throughout the different seasons of Call of Duty Mobile, new challenges appear that can reward players with XP. However, many challenges use long-standing Call of Duty terms that some players are unfamiliar with. Since COD Mobile is still quite new and is attracting more and more gamers every day, these terms need a little explanation behind them. The most recent COD Mobile term that has confused gamers is “tactical gear”.

For any veteran of Call of Duty, or even multiplayer video games as a whole, the term tactical gear doesn’t need to be rethought. It’s ingrained in the minds of gamers after years of multiplayer shooter. However, this does not apply to a solid part of the COD Mobile community. It’s a free mobile title, so new players to these types of games are coming into the fold every day. Below these players can see exactly what COD Mobile means by tactical gear.

Define Tactical Equipment in COD Mobile

For any challenge like this in COD Mobile, there is usually an easy way to see what the game means. In this case, players can navigate to their Create a Class screen, accessible in the multiplayer lobby. Once at Create-A-Class, players can select one of their classes and view all of the different locations for the items to use.

One of these locations is called Tactical Gear. Players can click on the option to see all the different types of equipment in the Tactics section. If players have a hard time finding this screen, below they can see all of the pieces of Tactical Gear available in COD Mobile.

  • Concussion Grenade
  • Cryogenic bomb
  • IEM
  • Flash bang
  • Gas grenade
  • Smoke grenade
  • Trophy System

With that in mind, players can now take on any challenge that deals with tactical gear. Usually the challenge is to hurt enemies after hitting them with tactical gear or just using a certain amount in a match.

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