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The world of magic the gathering is full of fascinating characters with unique stories and abilities. Magic’The Mystical Arts are divided into five different colors, each representing a philosophy of life and a general suite of powers. Blue magic focuses on the pursuit of knowledge, logic and discovery.

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There are many heroic characters who use blue magic everywhere Magic’s story, but there are just as many villains who use the immense power of blue magic for evil purposes. These characters are a great place to draw inspiration from a Dungeons and Dragons villain, that it takes place in one of the many Magic planes or in a homebrew J&D world.

ten Stitcher Geralf is the other half of a necromantic duo

Zombies have long been the domain of dark magic in Magic, but Innistrad block introduced a new flavor of the classic undead. While Innistrad has classic black zombies in spades, it also has stingers and their undead skaabs. These creatures were created by combining the remains of many dead creatures and animating them with the power of lightning, much like Dr. Frankenstein in Mary Shelley. Frankenstein. Geralf Cecani was one of Innistrad’s greatest embroiderers, and he and his sister fought a secret war with their undead creations. This kind of warfare, with lots of innocent people caught in the middle, would make a great setup for a J&D countryside.

9 Memnarch steals people from across the multiverse

mtg memnarch

Memnarch is an artifact, so it’s technically colorless, but its activated abilities and worldview are decidedly blue. It was created by the planeswalker golem Karn to protect the newly created metallic plane of Argentum. Eventually, with Karn away on other business, Memnarch turned to remodeling the plane, populating it with creatures stolen from elsewhere in the multiverse.

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A J&D A campaign featuring a Memnarch-like villain could feature players investigating mysterious disappearances, or it could start with them being kidnapped and sent to a strange new world.

8 Oona is an intriguing fairy

A woman with pale blue skin whose head emerges from an equally blue flower.

Oona hails from the mystically divided plane of Llorwyn, which transforms into dark and twisted Shadowmoor through the magic of the Great Dawn. This otherwise natural cycle was manipulated by Oona, the Fairy Queen. When the Great Reparation, a major metaphysical shift in Magic’s multiverse, destabilizing her plots, Oona was forced to enact a series of plots and machinations that would make her the perfect mystic, fairy-themed. J&D adventure.

7 Laquatus betrayed his people

mtg ambassador laquatus

Many blue Magic villains combine their powers with other colors, but Laquatus is all blue. In an effort to curry favor with the squid-like Cephalids, Laquatus trashed a rebirth ceremony for his native Berbous Merfolk that decimated its population while transferring a massive amount of power to their adversaries. Laquatus continued to plot and plot, using his powerful mind magic to further his goals. A J&D The campaign could feature a Laquatus-like villain as a former ally determined to pursue power at all costs.

6 Ixidor was driven mad with grief

mtg ixidor and future view illustration

Pit fighter turned reality sculptor Ixidor has been banished to the wastes of Dominaria after his love interest Nivea is killed and he fails to pay his debts. There he discovered that his ability to create illusions had grown and he was able to create actual physical conjurations.

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He created a completely custom world to live in and eventually created the angel Akroma to wage war against the Cabal who killed Nivea. J&D parties are no strangers to taking on powerful wizards, and Ixidor is a strong contender.

5 Oko is a complicated crook

mtg oko crown thief

Not all villains plot directly and are nefarious. Oko is a fairy planeswalker who resembles trickster beings like Shakespeare’s Puck or Peter Pan. Oko is an iconoclast, seeking to stab authority wherever he finds it. While that doesn’t make him an outright villain, it’s easy to imagine a character like this coming into conflict with a J&D Party. Oko’s card was powerful enough to banish in Legacy, showing how powerful he is.

4 Zur Hunger for Immortality

on the enchanter promo

Some villains have complicated motivations that could make people conflicted over who to search. Others, however, are quite simple. Zur was a mad wizard obsessed with immortality. He abandoned his home in search of knowledge and eventually gathered an army of followers to finally lay siege to his birthplace. After being defeated, Zur retreated to the desert to reflect and contemplate his magic. At any point in his story, Zur could become a fun antagonist in a J&D Game. Maybe he’s a dangerous wizard who ambushes players as they travel through the wilderness, or he besieges the town they call home.

3 Momir Vig sought to reform the world

mtg momir vig simic visionary

Guilds in Ravnica each have their own plans and blueprints, especially in the first block of Ravnica. Simic guild leader Momir Vig has taken his guild’s mission of keeping people healthy to a drastic extreme. He worked with his scientists to create the cytoplasts, globules of genetic information capable of mutating anyone they came into contact with.

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His ultimate effort, Project Kraj, was an attempt to completely reshape the world into a higher evolutionary form. This plot could easily be adapted to D&D, with plenty of bizarre mutant underlings to contend with before Vig himself.

2 Jace Beleren has done it all

jace beleren mtg

As one of the most prolific characters in Magic’s history, Jace has been on both sides of the heroic coin. He is a member of the Gatewatch, a planar protectorate dedicated to defeating powerful enemies. However, he also killed people uninvited by stealing the majority of their mind’s content and worked for years as a professional blackmailer. He could be a great figure that a J&D party has to work with against his will and ends up opposing it.

1 Jin-Gitaxias is a master scientist

As the blue aligned leader of the Phyrexian forces on Mirrodin, now called New Phyrexia, Jin-Gitaxias is about as evil as they come. He was instrumental in taking over Mirrodin, but more recently traveled to Kamigawa to study the plane’s dual nature, believing it to be the key to unlocking a Phyrexian’s ability. to planeswalk. Jin-Gitaxias is a big looming threat, slowly pulling the strings from behind the scenes. J&D Dungeon masters looking for a monstrous villain with clear motivations need look no further than Jin-Gitaxias.

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Magic The Gathering: 10 Blue-Lined Characters Who Would Make Great D&D Heroes

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