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There are many superpowers found in the anime. Many of these powers are fascinating and often push the protagonist to victory. However, the ability to possess others is perhaps the most intriguing and terrifying. The idea of ​​possession is often associated with villains trying to destroy the hero – or famous horror films such as The Exorcist. However, in the anime, possession is not exclusive to weird settings.

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The ability of anime characters to possess others is found across many genres. One character’s ability to possess another is found even in series where it would otherwise be unexpected.

ten Ultear Milkovich uses possession magic

Ultear Milkovich is a villainous character from Fairy tale. She has a number of supernatural abilities and powers. One of them is the power to summon a ghost-like entity. This spirit appears and takes over the mind of the one who is possessed at the time to manipulate their thoughts.

Ultear used her possession magic when she tried to corrupt Jellal Fernandez and manipulate him into agreeing with her by convincing him that she was Zeref, thus kicking off the entire Tower of Heaven arc.

9 Mukuro Rukudo has several methods of possession

Mukuro Rukudo from Reborn.

Mukuro Rukudo from reborn has a few methods to possess others. One of them is his Possession Bullet, which allows him to possess and manipulate the body of anyone he cuts with his Trident. Of course, this would allow him to possess many bodies at once while still having access to the Six Realms. He can manifest a unique skill in each body he possesses, and Mukuro can also manipulate the abilities of those possessed.

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His Trident creates a pact between him and whoever he chooses to use the Second Realm against while they are still dazed by the Possession Shot. Mukuro is also capable of possessing animals, as seen when he possessed his Rain Owl after stabbing it.

8 Anubis owns whoever wields the sword

Anubis controlled the minds of its users

Anubis was one of the enemy Stands featured in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. It’s a stand without a specific user, since it owns whoever it wants. The Stand initially appeared as a sword, which had to be unsheathed for Anubis to control the wielder’s body.

Regardless of willpower, Anubis can possess and manipulate anyone who can successfully draw the sword. If the person Anubis possesses is a Stand user, he can also manipulate that person’s Stand ability.

seven Zoldeo’s Possession ability made him one of the Seven Parents of Purgatory

Zoldeo in Fairy Tail

By possessing the body of Capricorn, Zoldeo de Fairy tale was able to become a member of both the Seven Kin Of Purgatory and the Grimoire Heart Guild. His possession ability comes from his human subordination magic. This ability grants him the power to influence humans – essentially turning them into his subordinates.

His Huma Raise allows Zoldeo to possess humans. He can even possess spirits by merging with them, as seen with Capricorn. Additionally, Zoldeo can use his Huma Raise on things that aren’t human even when connected to a human or spirit.

6 Yu Otasaka can possess people for 5 seconds

Charlotte's Yu Otasaka looks up.

Yu Otasaka from Charlotte is not an ordinary high school freshman. He can possess other people for 5 seconds. He is even able to steal their abilities if he possesses them. Initially, this was used to possess the students with the highest grades in the school so that Yu could cheat their test answers.

As the series progresses, it is explained that possession is not Yu’s primary ability. Rather, it is his ability to permanently deprive someone of their abilities.

5 Szayelaporro Granz can invade the nervous system of others

bleach szayelaporro

Szayelaporro Granz from Bleach has an extensive list of supernatural abilities. One of them is his ability to possess others. If someone ate Szayelaporro, their body would simply liquefy and enter the nervous system of whoever ate it. Once this happens, Szayelaporro has control of that person’s entire body.

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In addition, it is quite difficult to defeat. The only person who defeated Szayelaporro’s possession technique was Mayuri, who created a self-destruct streak for himself if ever there was an attempt to possess him.

4 Ritz owns people by clinging to their souls

Ritz and Izuru

Ritz is Mabashi’s doll in Bleach. Her core ability is that she is able to possess people. She is able to do this by crashing into the target’s chest and latching onto their soul. She does not harm them physically by doing so.

As Ritz becomes attached to the human soul, she gains complete control over her body. The victim begins to grow something plant-like on his chest as the roots spread throughout his body. Additionally, Ritz can also manipulate the powers of anyone she possesses.

3 Esidisi’s disembodied brain possesses people

Suzi Q possessed by Esidisi during Battle Tendency.

When Joseph Joestar destroyed Esidisi’s body in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, Esidisi then manipulated his brain and nervous system to survive outside of his body. He became a parasite-like entity. Also, if he attaches himself to a human, he will possess them.

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Esidisi possessed Suzi Q, which he used to send Super Aja away from Joseph and Lisa Lisa. He planned to use his self-detonation ability to kill everyone and himself with his blood boiling inside Suzi Q.

2 Orochimaru can put his soul in someone else’s body

Orochimaru's Giant Snake Attack on Konoha

Orochimaru’s naruto developed the living corpse reincarnation technique. It basically gives him the ability to move his soul into someone else’s body. Orochimaru created the method to fulfill his wishes of obtaining all possible knowledge.

The downside to this technique is that he can only use it once every three years. After three years, he is forced to find another host. During the technique, Orochimaru’s true form is revealed as a huge white snake made up of a group of smaller snakes. It rids itself of the host’s body like the skin of a serpent, then transfers it to a new plane of existence where it takes control of its mind. He can even manipulate the host’s physical appearance.

1 Sukuna can possess anyone who eats her fingers

Sukuna using her curse technique

Although it’s unlikely to happen, Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen can possess whoever consumes one of his twenty fingers. Yuji Itadori ate one of his fingers to save Megumi early in the series, and Sukuna has possessed it ever since.

After gaining a physical body from Yuji, he appears with unique markings all over his face and torso when he takes over. Additionally, Yuji’s body always has a second pair of eyes that remain closed unless Sukuna takes control.

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