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No matter where an anime series is set, it’s typical for the characters to have the same day-to-day problems as normal people. For some, saving the world from evil is at the top of their priorities, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to look their best, even if they’re still wearing the same clothes.

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However, there are still characters who care no less about their looks. Social constructs don’t bother them and they usually have more important things to worry about. The funny thing is that their lack of care for their appearance often makes them more attractive and they become much-loved characters because of it.

ten Aizawa is a rational man (My Hero Academia)

A rational person like Aizawa really doesn’t care about his appearance, or his personal hygiene, for that matter. He keeps his hair long and shaggy despite the fact that it would make more sense for his Quirk if he cut it short. Doing everything he can to be a good hero and a good teacher is far more important than his physical health or his appearance.

The fact that most heroes care so much about their images is probably why he has a hatred for heroes with tons of fame. That being said, his unkempt appearance certainly didn’t stop fans from being drawn to him.

9 Kakashi has no idea how he looks (Naruto)

kakashi close up

For the entirety of naruto, Kakashi wears a mask over his face, but it’s definitely not because he wants to hide his appearance. In fact, he doesn’t even seem to understand why his students so desperately want to see his face and he probably doesn’t even know how attractive he is.

Then again, while he constantly has to protect the people closest to him from death, it makes sense that his appearance is the least of his concerns.

8 Gray cares more about being the best wizard (Fairy Tail)

Gray Gets Serious in Fairy Tail

Gray has worked hard for his muscular physique but he obviously doesn’t because he wants to look good. Being the strongest member of the Fairy Tail guild is his top priority and because of that he has little interest in what he looks like.

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Not to mention he has no shame as he often walks around with barely any clothes on. Someone who does this is obviously not thinking about their body or how they look for others. Even though there are plenty of characters who find Gray attractive, he doesn’t even seem to notice.

7 Luffy just wants to be the best pirate (One Piece)

Luffy's big nostrils

Luffy is a bit of an idiot with a one-sided mind. Being the best pirate and finding the One Piece treasure is much more important than how you look. He is often willing to pass himself off as an idiot if it makes people laugh.

The bonds he is able to form with almost anyone show that he not only cares little about his own appearance, but also doesn’t care about the appearance of others.

6 Kenpachi Only Cares About Strength (Bleach)

Kenpachi can be pretty scary, but he sure doesn’t seem to care. Fighting is all he cares about and life would be pretty boring for him if he focused on anything else.

He’s one of the strongest captains for a reason and it’s mainly because he puts so much emphasis on being the strongest Soul Reaper. The people on his team love him because of his strength and not just because of his looks.

5 Saber wants to save his country (Fate/Zero)

Saber prepares for battle in Fate Zero

As the King of Knights, Saber is incredibly honorable and strong. Being a good leader is most important to her, and when it comes to her gender, she places little importance on it. Defending her compatriots is far more important to her than her appearance, to the point that she has no problem with people assuming she is male.

In fact, she seems to find any mention of her looks annoying, and she has a lot more tolerance for those who respect her as a warrior. Retrieving the Grail and saving Britain are the only things she cares about, so focusing on how she looks is just a waste of time.

4 Goblin slayer just wanna kill goblins (Goblin Slayer)

Goblin Slayer looks menacing with glowing red eyes

The Goblin Slayer is a cold-hearted killer, but for good reason. His only goal is to kill any goblins in his path, which makes sense considering the creatures have a tendency to murder and assault women.

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He may have cared more about his childlike appearance, but the need for revenge has blinded him to anything that would concern a normal person. As long as he protects people from goblins, he doesn’t care about anything else.

3 Haruhi doesn’t care about gender roles (Ouran High School Host Club)

Haruhi is an unusual girl in the Ouran High School Host Club universe. Unlike the other girls who attend her school, Haruhi doesn’t place much importance on her appearance.

Instead, she’s perfectly content with her androgynous appearance, and she doesn’t seem to understand people who are obsessed with gender roles. Her view of herself and the people around her is incredibly progressive, which is probably why she’s able to relate to people being judged for their looks.

2 Inosuke is a deranged beauty (Demon Slayer)

Inosuke running

Inosuke is one of the most handsome men in the world, but he chooses to cover his face with a mask made from a boar’s head. His appearance has nothing to do with his goals and he doesn’t even seem to understand how handsome he really is.

Considering how wild and aggressive his personality is, it’s understandable that people are shocked by his appearance. Despite the lack of attention he pays to his appearance, he is still handsome, which makes his character even funnier.

1 Levi cares more about being a soldier (Attack On Titan)

Levi looks to the side

It makes sense that Levi doesn’t care about his appearance considering the situation he finds himself in. After all, he’s too busy fighting man-eating Titans. He can get upset when people comment on his height, but when it comes to his attractiveness, he has more important things to worry about.

Despite this, his cool demeanor and strength tend to draw people towards him, including fans of the show. Even if his appearance means little to him, people obsessed with him certainly don’t care.

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