Guide: Labyrinth of the Mad King – Farming Tips

Halloween 2018 is coming up and this year will be the focus of the Labyrinth of the Mad King. There, players farm trick-or-treat bags, collect achievements, or level characters. In this post we would like to give you some tips on farming. A general overview of the labyrinth can be found in our Halloween Guide .

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Labyrinth of the Mad King – Tips for Farming

The aim of farming is to hit as many opponents as possible. However, in order for all players to enjoy the farm, the opponents should not be defeated too fast. In Reddit , the user has collected Novuake’s Labyrinth tips that we’ve been following.

1. Reduce your equipment

In the Labyrinth we try to hit as many opponents as possible, but do not want to do too much damage. You can choose not to use your jewelry or your armor to reduce your attributes. In some groups it is traditional to take off pants and breast parts.

2. Does not open doors without the zerg

To get as much loot as possible, the events should be scaled up as high as possible. In addition, all should get something from the opponents. Therefore, you should not open any doors without the Zerg being nearby. It’s best to just let your commander start the events!

3. Complete your own activities elsewhere

If a commander is on the map and you think about going off alone and opening doors or making events, then try to find another map. Try not to sabotage the zerg.

4. Help your teammates

This help includes both haste for allies, as well as revival. Also, you should not kick individual opponents out of the group, for example, with skills that cause setback. Note: Level-ups also cause setbacks and these are usually unwanted!

5. bosses

Farming is most effective in the labyrinth without tackling the bosses. If you should attack them, think of CC and reflection. Both are especially useful for the bosses.

6. Do something useful by the way

Farms are not necessarily exciting. But the maze makes it so easy for you to be able to do many useful things along the way. Watch series or our podcast or sit down with friends in the TS.

7. Have fun!

The last point is self-explanatory!

Class tips for the labyrinth

In this section, we’d like to give you a few general tips for each class to help you get more relaxed in the labyrinth. The main target is AoE damage to hit as many opponents as possible at the door events. Also movement speed to keep up with the Zerg, is not unimportant.


  • The sigil Fire and speed help with damage and keeping up with the group


  • Shortbow, because this weapon is the easiest way to hit multiple enemies
    • Car attack jumps
    • Sliver Bomb (# 2) is an AoE skill
    • Arrow of Infiltrator (# 5) is good for mobility
  • Daredevil as an elite specialization to be even more mobile and do damage to multiple enemies with the Dodge role


  • Dagger / Warhorn and Stormbote as Elite
    • F3 overload on the doors
  • Staff Weaver, with Lava Fountain, Meteor Shower and Glyph of Storms


  • Flamethrower to hit as many enemies as possible
    • Alternatively grenade kit, but is a bit slower
  • Holo smith as elite specialization


  • Berserker with Longbow and Greatsword
    • Meets most opponents relaxed


  • Greatsword Car Attack hits three targets
    • Mirror Blade (# 2) jumps from opponent to opponent
    • Mind Sting (# 3) hits 5 targets
    • Please refrain from illusionary wave (# 5)!


  • Pestbringer has many AoE skills
  • Stab as a weapon also causes AoE damage


  • Rebel, Foliant 1 Skill # 1 hits 5 targets in front of you
    • Feature “Renewed Justice” from the Aura line resets the recharge time of the foliation
  • Staff and scepter / torch with many AoE skills as an alternative


  • Ax / Torch as weapons, traps skills for more AoE
    • The ax jumps over multiple targets and the torch provides for an AoE field
  • Jakaranda as animal companions also bring AoE


  • Short-bowed apostles and Mallyx skills for AoE
  • Alternatively Hammer Reclaimer with “Vengeful Hammers” as a skill
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Ghostly Events – First Signs of the Living World 4? – Update – Guild news

Update November 13 : In the meantime, a few more things have been found out. When talking to the Necromancer in Death Valley Lodge in the Queens Valley after interacting with the corpse, you get the following dialogue:

Do you know anything about the body nearby: a necromancer. He followed a call, as he wrote. Dark things were on his trail. It does not surprise me that he is dead now

There is also speculation about a Lich lady who appeared in Guild Wars 1 in 2011. She was in Droknar’s smithy and many players thought she should become part of the Guild Wars Beyond story (between GW1 and GW2). But nothing happened to her anymore, she only stood around during the Halloween event and then disappeared. Maybe this is the “red lady”?



News November 10th : As we wait for the release of Living World 4, something is happening in the wicked swamp and in the gate of the Reaper. Corpses have surfaced, probably placed there with the latest patch on Tuesday. What is certain is that they did not come into play until after the release of Path of Fire, as different players would have discovered the corpses before they discovered the cards.

This reddit thread made us aware. After that, we went to search for ourselves, summarize everything important and of course like to speculate with you.

The corpses

When interacting with the corpse in the ungodly swamp in the kings valley near the heroic point, we can read the following text:

This person seems to have succumbed to a series of puncture wounds. Who could have done that or what the murderers might have attracted remains unclear

So unspectacular. The dialogue becomes more interesting if you are a necromancer:

Judging by the different necromantic energies emanating from the wounds of his corpse, this priest seems to have been attacked by an unusually aggressive group of undead skeletons


Here are two interesting aspects. First, it is no longer a person, but a priest. On the other hand, he was not attacked by simple opponents, but by skeletons. Also exciting is the fact that a ghost flies in the direction of the body when the shadow behemoth has been defeated.


But not only in the royal valley a corpse has appeared. At the gate of the reaper, a place with a Grenth statue, someone is also in exactly the same position. As a necromancer you get the most information here as well:

The body of this priest not only has ax wounds, but was torn to pieces by skeletons with claws. Traces of the underworld and powerful necromancy are clearly visible.

Examine Corpse: You find a chronicle that the priest clings to. Because of the blood stains you can decipher nothing except a few words and the initials “DS”

Read Diary: Talk to me in a dream … the red lady … .Allies … follow the call


The body also contains mysterious skeletons that seem to drop Halloween items.

First clues

First, the question arises, who the red lady is. We first came to Livia, who used to wear red clothes in Guild Wars 1 and is also a necromancer. Meanwhile, she is only in the armor of the Shining Blade on the way and somehow she does not fit in the current story, because she has said goodbye with the conclusion of the Living World Season 3. The mysterious spirit that drives into the corpse after defeating the Shadow Behemoth is red. So whether the red lady is already dead?

Further, we do not know what the initials “DS” mean. It could be a person, a medal, a group or a place. In Reddit, the Point of Interest “Deathroot Shack” was discussed in the Godless Swamp, but in German it is unfortunately called the Death Roots Hut and would not match our text accordingly.

Edit: Community member Eyora has alerted us to the official font for Grenth. This refers to Desmina, to whom the initials DS might apply. She was Grenth’s first devotee and could be the person looking for allies.

Then Desmina despised and cast out by her people came. And in their grief and misery, Desmina cursed the gods for giving up all those who, like themselves, admired power and ambition.

And she asked, “Where is the God to whom I can dedicate myself in everlasting devotion? Where is the God from whom I can seek revenge against all those who despise me? “

And it shook the earth deep beneath her and with a terrible crunch a crack opened up. The ground became white with frost and ice, and the frozen earth spit out the rotting, bony servants of Grenth.

Then the god himself appeared to her and welcomed the girl in his flock with outstretched bones. And he said, “I am your God. Follow me, wherever I lead you, come whenever I call you, and I make you mistress over the rotting carcasses of the dead. “

And Desmina swore allegiance to her death and beyond, becoming the first devotee of God. Writings by Grenth

Speculation about the course of the story

What could this all mean? On the one hand, the departure of the god Grenth could have caused chaos in the underworld. The guardian and also a statement of the developers confirm this theory. The wicked swamp and the gate of the reaper are closely related to the underworld. Are the creatures trying to break free and attack Tyria?

The former god Dhuum , who was overthrown by Grenth and held in the underworld, could have benefited the most from the disappearance. He could be the one who has freed himself from his prison and now either wants to take control of the world or even take revenge on the followers of Grenth. This would be the fact that so far two Grenth priests have died.

Palawa Joko could also play an important role here. He was last in transition to death and was held there by Balthasar. After Balthasar’s death, he could have freed himself and launched attacks from the underworld. However, this somewhat contradicts the skeletal statement, since Palawas Awakened are not really similar.

Another very exciting theory has set up community member Raggos. The Halloween NPCs say that the boundaries between the worlds are getting weaker and Thorn can hold each year longer. In fact, last year the Mad King stayed a week longer than the years before, and this year at least a day longer than announced. Could ArenaNet have given us an indication that the borders are crumbling? Could the Mad King, who indeed has skeletons in his army, have anything to do with the current events?

What do you think? What do you expect for the upcoming Living World Season 4? Are we experiencing the first omens here?


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Gamesrocket as new partner for gamekeys and first raffle

Image result for gamesrocket

Update : The winner is bennySB. Congratulations, the code has already been sent by email!

News : For some time now we have been looking for a partner for gamekeys and gamecards who is trustworthy and has a seat in Germany. We are very happy that we have found this partner now. is the name of the website based in Aschaffenburg and is also mentioned as a seller for Guild Wars 2 on the official website . So, if you’re wondering if you can buy Heart of Thorns or Gemcards from our partner, then the answer is simple: YES!

As before, there is a Reflink that you can use for shopping. Whenever you buy something with our affiliate ID:? Ref = 992 (you can attach it to any link), part of the revenue goes to our team. Although a Gemcard of 2,000 costs at first glance 27.95 euros , with our coupon code: GUILDNEWS but you get 5 € discount (only for Gemcards!). We are also very happy to hear that we regularly get Gemcodes from Gamesrocket, which we can then give away to you.

We also want to open the first competition directly with this announcement. If you want to win the 2,000 gems, just post a comment below this news. In the comment you should name your dream game or your desired object, which you would buy from the assortment at Gamesrocket. We will use the most popular games later for a landing page, the Guildnews mini-shop with the wishes of the community.

Among the current offers at Gamesrocket you will find Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for 15.95 €, Borderlands 2 for 9.95 €, Max Payne 3 for 4.95 € and BioShock Infinite for 7.49 €.


Conditions of participation for the competition

You can take part in the raffle until 11:59 pm on Sunday, January 17th. Participation is free and only possible via a registered account on our website.

Participation in the raffle and the distribution of prizes are limited to participants with registration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The participant is solely responsible for the correctness of the given data for participation in the raffle. All personal data must correspond to the truth, otherwise an exclusion from the competition can take place. Each participant may only participate once in the raffle. Multiple entries lead to an exclusion from the raffle.

Employees and relatives, as well as the price sponsor are excluded from participation. The winner will be randomly selected next Monday, 18.01. selected. Winners will be notified by e-mail after the contest has ended. The winner is required to report within 2 days of submitting the notification. Otherwise, the claim for the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be determined at random.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel or terminate the competition at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons.

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WvW Beginner Guide – Overview – Guild News

  • contents
  • 1. Overview
  • 2. Objects and scoring
  • 3. Siege weapons
  • 4. Eternal Battlegrounds
  • 5. Border countries
  • 6. On the way in the Zerg
  • 7. Roaming
  • 8. traps and tricks


Image result for gw2 wvw

This little guide is about an introduction to the world-versus-world system. In doing so, we will discuss the basic aspects of this game area and explain a little bit. It is important to note that this should serve as an introduction to the topic. This beginner guide does not cover all aspects of the WvW world and is only intended to explain the basics.

Basics: objects and scoring
Here we will deal with the structural development of WvW and lay the foundations for successful participation.

Basics: Siege weapons
In order for anything to happen in WvW, you need several weapons. These can be used for offensive, but also for defensive purposes. Here we deal with the procurement, the good use and the ins and outs of these weapons.

The Eternal Battlegrounds
Here we deal directly with the central map in the mists. Here are some aspects of how to defend some assets and look at the mechanics of the map.

The borderlands
All border countries have the same structure. So this is about the structural commonality of the cards, the objects and certain idiosyncrasies.

Together we are strong – on the way in the Zerg
There are certain principles to stick to if you want to successfully play WvW. Here are some rules explained. So it’s about the right fighting behavior, offensive and defensive, but also about the extremely important scouting.

A special aspect of the WvW is the small group roaming. You run alone, or in a 2-5-man group, over the map and tries to disturb the opponent at crucial points in order to help his own zerg.

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Time Travel – Achievements Past and Present

Image result for gw2 achievements

March article : In our “Time Travel” project, we look back on four and a half years of Guild Wars 2, telling you stories or showing you special events that the old veterans will remember and that the newer players will not even know. The project should be implemented in cooperation with you. We are therefore happy about every screenshot and every story you would like to share with us.

In the first issue, we looked at the features of the Guild Wars 2 Beta , the Second Lion’s Arch, and the third . This time it’s about the topic of success, how the interface and how the daily successes have changed.

The images used in this article are from us and the GuildWiki.

The changes in the menu

For the release of Guild Wars 2, the success interface looked quite different than it is today. There was no proper watchlist, the progress of the achievements was shown in bars, there were no login rewards and of course significantly fewer categories than today. The progress bar also forced you to scroll more, as you could not show two successes side by side.

At this point in time, there were no rewards for achieving achievement points, and therefore no Zenith weapons or the two sets of armor.


The first major customizations were with the feature patch in April 2014, which included the summary, the watchlist, and an adjustment in the categories. Since this patch, the achievements are no longer displayed as bars and the reward boxes with new skins have been integrated into the game.


The last major change related to the menu was introduced on December 16, 2014. These are the daily login rewards that have received a very conspicuous place in the successes. In between, and then there were always adjustments to the categories, but the basic structure has changed nothing.


Daily and monthly successes 2012

In the original version in 2012, there were only four daily and four monthly successes. For the daily successes one had to:

  • Defeat 5/8/11/15 different types of enemies (1/0/0/1 Success Points)
  • 10/30/60 defeat enemies (1/0/1 success points)
  • 3/10/20 collecting raw materials (1/0/1 success points)
  • 1/3/5 Complete Events (1/1/1 Success Points)

All in all, you could earn 9 points of success, a little karma and 42% of a new level. For the monthly successes you had to complete the following things:

  • Defeat 50 players in WvW
  • Participate in 100 events
  • To recycle 500 items
  • Gain 100,000 experience without dying

Daily and monthly achievements 2013

Daily achievements from January to March 2013

From January to March 2013, there were 5 daily out of a pool of 7 achievements that rewarded you with a total of 25 success points. During this period, the most effective way to earn success points was to earn only 9 and later a maximum of 10 points per day. The choices were:

  • 15 different enemy types
  • 60 kills in total
  • 25 underwater killings
  • 10 kills through combos
  • Collect 20 items
  • 5 events
  • Craft 10 items about the craft

From March 2013

In March 2013, some changes were made to the successes. There have been daily successes, daily PvP achievements, monthly achievements, and monthly PvP successes (see menu image # 1). For every completed daily success, there were 5% experience points and one achievement point. For the completion of five daily successes, there was a mystic coin, a laurel, a bit of karma, 5% experience, a little silver depending on the level of the character and with luck a transmutation stone (then no charge) and the usual black lion Items (Bank Express, Merchant, Trading Post, Blacksmith’s Stone).

There were always 9 out of a total of 20 successes, some of which differed significantly from today’s:

  • For the newcomer, for example, you had to climb one level (even beyond 80)
  • You had to play Personal Story
  • Resuscitate allies
  • Defeat a champion
  • Successfully avoid attacks
  • Spend karma
  • Recycle items

PvP achievements

In PvP, however, there were the same successes every day. You had

  • Conquer 3 points
  • Play 3 matches
  • Defeat 5 enemies
  • To get a top stat

At the completion of all achievements, there was an Arcane Chip and a Glory Boost.

Monthly achievements

The monthly achievements were also adjusted with the patch in March 2013. The big reward consisted of 20 mystic coins, two essences of luck (each 500 luck), 10 laurels, 50 silver and a karma bottle. In addition to the already well-known successes defeating 50 players in WvW, participating in 100 events and recycling 500 items, the following new achievements have been added:

  • Complete 20 group events
  • Complete 12 puzzles
  • Complete 4 daily meta-achievements
  • Complete 10 fractals
  • Complete 10 different dungeons
  • Collect 40 skill points
  • Win 20 fights in PvP

However, the survival part was removed compared to earlier. There have also been seasonal monthly successes related to the Living World.

Daily and monthly achievements 2014

Feature Patch

The feature patch in April 2014 merged the daily PvE and PvP achievements and added many new achievements, including Veteran Butcher, Conditioner, and Condition Breaker, many new achievements in WvW (Conqueror, Repairman, Master of Ruins ) and many new ones in PvP (victories in the solo arena, victories in the team arena). As a reward for five daily successes you got now also essences of luck and with a lot of luck black lion keys and boxes full of fun.

Login Rewards

Monthly achievements were not touched by the feature patch in April, but disabled with the introduction of login rewards. The December 2014 was the last month in which you could complete the successes. While there used to be a maximum cap of 10,000 points of success through daily and 5,000 through monthly successes, these were combined with the patch to total 15,000 points of success.

Also the daily successes in general have changed. This patch introduced the system that we still use today. The achievements themselves are no longer points, but there is a small reward chest per success. In addition, there is the daily completer, which rewards us with 10 points of success and 3 ghost shards. It was not until some time after the change, in April 2016, that the 2 Gold were introduced as an additional reward.

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Around the Gamescom – Livestreams and pictures

Image result for gamescom 2018

Gamescom 2018 took place in the past week and we were there and in the meantime experienced one or the other outside of the fair. There were livestreams like the Chaos-Cast or the cooking at Sputti, but also a community event in Cologne. The live stream recordings and pictures of the events have now been collected for you in this news.

Guild missions on Monday

The guild missions started on Monday with the crazy Gamescom week. At this point in time, Aouglas, DarxMaster and Vanitas were already in Sputti’s apartment and caused a lot of excitement in the missions. In addition, all were allowed at the events in connection to Sputti’s account and were upset about his attitudes.


Cooking on tuesday

Spontaneously, it was wished on Sunday that the team could make a cooking stream during Gamescom. Your wish was our command and we have implemented such a stream. Cooked Vanitas and Aouglas and in the quite small kitchen of Sputti. There was spaghetti bolognese. The stream could unfortunately only be done with the smartphone and is accordingly a bit pixelated.


Chaos Cast on Wednesday

The highlight of every Gamescom is our Chaos Cast. With eleven people we discussed our experiences at the fair and discussed various games and events.


ArenaNet party on Thursday

On Thursday the ArenaNet Party took place and we were there again. Unfortunately, nobody from the Guildnews team won anything this year, but we had a lot of fun, met many friends and, of course, congratulated the winners of the awards.


Community meeting on Friday

With our monthly community meeting we let the Gamescom end this time. On Friday evening we went to Mongo’s in Cologne and spent nearly four hours eating, drinking and laughing. With 24 + 2 people (the last two arrived later) we made the store unsafe and a waitress entertained the evening well.


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Locker Tool

Image result for gw2 efficiencyThe Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock is an item from the Black Lion Chest that you can use to randomly unlock a missing item from your wardrobe. It can be any skin except exotic and legendary gear, and you can also unlock miniatures, colors, clothing sets, and kills.

In order for this potentially valuable item not to meet a simple skin for a few silver or karma, Reddit user immortius has developed its own tool . This tool will show you all the missing skins on your account, and also show you whether you can create them with Karma, Gold, Gems, or Craft, or earn them through achievements or reward paths, for example.

All you have to do is create an API key in your Guild Wars 2 Account Manager on the official website and enter it into the tool. Content can be read out directly from the account via the API key (eg which equipment you own or what is in the bank), but it is not possible to access your account.

The tool is visually still in need of improvement and immortius has already announced that this will be a next step. Although GW2Efficiency offers an equipment overview, we find this tool much more helpful when it comes to unlocking skins. The only downside is the language support, since the website is only available in English.

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Time travel – Löwenstein

Image result for löwenstein gw2

In our new “Time Travel” project, we look back on four and a half years of Guild Wars 2 and tell you stories or show you special events that the old veterans will remember and that the newer players will not even know. The project should be implemented in cooperation with you. We are therefore happy about every screenshot and every story you would like to share with us.

In the first issue, we looked at the Guild Wars 2 Beta and this time it’s about the capital, Lion’s Arch. There, we look at the changes in Guild Wars 2 history, from its origins, through its destruction, to its rebuilding.

For the upcoming issues, we have already considered the following topics:

  • The property system through the ages
  • Daily Achievements – Earlier and Today
  • The PvP

If you would like to contribute to any of these three topics, just send an email to: [email protected] . The images used in this article are from us, the NerdyBookahs , the community members Kim and Jenny, the Guildwiki, the official website, and the daysintyria website.

The pirate city Löwenstein

After the flood of Löwenstein by the awakening of the ancient dragon Zhaitan, the city was rebuilt by pirates. Wrecks of old ships and washed-up flotsam were used. Only the fortress of the city, which was also the headquarters of the leader Cobiah Marriner, was built of stone. The city was characterized by winding streets and tall buildings, some of which could only be reached via complicated paths and makeshift scaffolding. The city had something of a smuggling test and did not reflect the classic capital.

 The war with Scarlet

At the end of Living World Season 1, in February 2014 of our time, the Sylvari Scarlet Dornstrauch attacked Löwenstein with airships. Although the city was prepared for sieges over land (thanks to high cliffs) and from the sea (claw island and harbor protection), but not for a fight in the air. Quick Scarlet conquered with her ship Bruchbringer and the drill used there, the city and attacked the Ley-Linien node within the port. During the conquest many well-known personalities of the city ( By Ogden’s Hammer what Savings ) died and many buildings were completely destroyed.


The destroyed Lion’s Arch

After beating Scarlet’s attack and defeating the sylvari himself, the city remained in ruins for a long time. From March 2014 to June 2015 of our time, the city was a single ruin. To the chagrin of many players began in August 2014 even the dragon Mordremoth to rain, which destroyed the waymark at Fort Marriner ado and forced the players to detours. There were temporarily set up traders and craft shops.



In May of 2015 began the reconstruction of the city. This was announced by a small patch, the first construction has brought into play.


On the 23rd of June the reconstruction was officially finished and the city got the look it still bears today. Many refer to it as a bathing or island paradise thanks to the various sea creatures and no longer as the capital. While the reconstruction has been well received by some players, others may wish to return to the pirate theme.


The airport

With the second quarterly patch in 2016, the airport was opened, the Löwenstein on the one hand to help build an air fleet and in the fight against enemies from the air and on the other hand serve as a raid lobby for the players.


Bonus: The Moa race

At this point, we remember an event that has existed in Löwenstein for several years. This is the Moa race in the east of the city, which we visited in our first 12-hour stream and our GoodBye Löwenstein Event. We commemorate the departed Moas Mortt, Motti, Meep and Monna.

Bonus: Ladescreens over time


Bonus: GoodBye Löwenstein Event

Prior to the destruction of Löwenstein, we organized a farewell party together with our community.


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Question of the Week: Battle Royale in Guild Wars 2

We have already reported in a news report that developer Ben Phongluantham spoke to a streamer in chat. There he talked about new PvP cards that are under development, and also about the idea of ​​integrating Battle Royale into the game, which is currently being discussed internally. That is exactly what our question of the week should be about.

What does Battle Royale look like in Guild Wars 2?


This time there is no classic questionnaire, but we would like to incorporate your wealth of ideas in our discussions. But let us first clarify the question:

What is Battle Royale?

In this game mode, it’s all about survival and exploration in a multiplayer death match. You need to collect resources of various forms (such as weapons, armor, possibly also food and remedies), hide and keep moving to defeat the other players by means of the surprise moment in combat. As a backdrop, preference is given to slaughterhouses and orphaned ruins of any shape. These could be, for example, ghost towns or abandoned, well-known ruins that could fit into the history of Guild Wars 2.

GW2 News Halloween 300x169

We already have a classic sPvP section, but also in the events again and again PvP adventure modes that are thematically adjusted. A classic is the fight for survival in the Bay of the South Light. Currently, the grumble of the Grim Reaper has returned. That’s why we want to know from you:

Which Battle Royale scenario would you like to have? How should this look? Which functions do you want? In which scenario could this be located? Everyone against each other or teams fighting each other? And above all, do we really need that? Let your creativity run wild, but keep in mind what the builds of each class allow and condition. Do not forget Tyria and the story that is lived there. We appreciate your ideas and are curious to see what versions you would like to see and you want to see implemented in Guild Wars 2.

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Tips and Tricks: Daily Mystic Smith

The daily achievements reward you not only in the small meta-success (3 daily successes) with 10 success points, 2 gold and a ghost shard, but every single success for itself lends you smaller items. For example, Daily Collectors will give you more collection materials, PvP and WvW achievements reward you with more progress in the Reward Paths, and many PvE achievements give extra karma. 

Daily Success: “Mystic Blacksmith”

However, there is a special success that you should definitely take with you. It’s the Daily Mystic Smith who rewards you with a Mystic Coin once you use the forge. You can do this with random items that you have in inventory right now, or you can buy 4 green sigils or 4 green runes for a few copper and upgrade them.

Image result for Daily Mystic Smith gw2


The achievement is not only completed within a few seconds at one of the blacksmiths in the game, but he also ensures that more Mystical coins come into play again. So do not miss the chance to intervene in the market happening a little bit!

How do you generally see the tips and tricks? Alternatively, we could just publish a tweet or post on Facebook, without making a news directly from it. But if you say you do not want to see such posts, we’ll let them go. So give us feedback!

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