Woman reveals ‘game-changing’ gas station hack to make sure you never overspend at the pump


A WOMAN has revealed a “game-changing” gas station hack that ensures you never overspend at the pump.

Fuel prices in the UK have risen due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, which has pushed up oil prices.


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Most of Europe depends on Russia’s oil and gas reserves for its own supply, but leaders have pledged to ban oil imports to punish Moscow which has seen prices soar due to increased global demand.

The current average price of petrol in the UK is £1.82 per litre, with the cost to refuel an average family car reaching £100 on Wednesday.

But a TikToker has found a hack that means Brits don’t spend too much on fuel – just by pressing a button.

The 23-year-old discovered a little-known preset button while refueling her car.

While filming the gas pump, she explains: “How did I never know it existed?!

“If you click this button twice for £20, it will stop at exactly £20.

“Wow! It’s so cool.

The clip shows the cost and fuel rising on screen – before stopping at exactly £20.

The button is visible at the bottom right of the pump.

It has five buttons of different price and liter options and an explanation of how to use them.

Social media users rushed to the comment to share their amazement.

One person said: “Wait. You don’t mean more than £20.01???”

Another explained that not all gas stations have the button, but that’s a game-changer for those that do.

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A third wrote: “You can also set it to stop at certain literature. Tesco is the only one I know of with.”

“Always learning,” someone else proclaimed.

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