Which Season 1 Characters Could Return?


squid game Director Hwang Dong-hyuk recently gave more details on the second season of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award-winning Netflix K-drama, including the possible return of a key player whose character was killed off in season 1. .

In an interview at the Producers Guild of America (PGA) Awards ceremony on Saturday, speaking to Deadline on the red carpet, the director revealed, “There will be other great games, that’s all I can say.

“I’m still brainstorming and gathering ideas for season 2. I haven’t even started writing yet,” he added.

The gripping series’ dramatic finale about a deadly survival competition saw an enraged Gi-hun (contestant #456, played by SAG and Critics Choice Award winner Lee Jung-jae) – who was about to take a flight to see his daughter – short of a catwalk following an encrypted phone call with the pageant manager.

Hwang previously promised that “Gi-hun will come back, he will do something for the world” in an interview with the Associated press in November 2021 and late December of the same year, he revealed that “the story of the people Gi-hun meets and pursues will be the big storyline of Season 2”, according to South Korea’s Edaily.

Player #456 (played by Lee Jung-jae) seen during the “dalgona” candy round of the contest in “Squid Game” on Netflix.

But what about the other characters? The end of Season 1 left a trail of several burning questions and plenty of avenues to explore in terms of storylines. But could those tracks also include a return of the actors whose characters died in the first season?

Here we unbox what other characters could return in the highly anticipated squid game Season 2.

Which squid game Could the characters from season 1 return for season 2?

Player #067

During the red carpet interview with Deadline at the PGA Awards, asked if viewers can expect to see any characters from Season 1 return in Season 2, Hwang laughed and said, “No, because most of them are dead,” but hinted, “I’ll try something to bring them back to season 2.”

Maybe candidate no. 067 (played by SAG Award winner HoYeon Jung), whose name Sae-byeok translates to “dawn” in Korean, may see a new dawn in the second season.

Pointing to Jung next to him on the red carpet, the squid game the director said, “Let’s say she might have a twin sister, you’ll see.”

Jung then replied, “I could change my hair color. Let’s do some, like, plastic surgery.”

Player #067 in "Squid game."
Player #067 (played by HoYeon Jung) in “Squid Game” on Netflix.

Brother of Player #067

During the Marbles game round of the competition, when player no. 240 (played by Lee Yoo-mi, who also stars in Netflix’s hit K-drama we are all dead) asked Sae-byeok what she would do with the prize money if she won the contest, she revealed that her dream would be to buy a house to live with her younger brother, get her mother back from North Korea and visit Jeju Island, South Korea’s idyllic tourist destination.

Sae-byeok’s younger brother was seen in a previous episode when she visited him at the children’s home after players were free to leave the gaming facility following a vote to end the contest. Could her brother return in season 2 in search of answers to what happened to her sister years later? And potentially go on a quest for revenge if the truth about the contest is revealed?

Player 067 with his brother "Squid game."
A scene from “Squid Game” featuring player no. 067 (left, played by HoYeon Jung) and his younger brother.

The detective

The end of Season 1 saw Detective Jun-ho (played by Wi Ha-jun) being chased by guards and the character Front Man (played by Lee Byung-hun). The police officer had infiltrated the gambling facility disguised as a member of staff in search of his brother (revealed to be the Front Man) who had disappeared.

After his cover was blown, Jun-ho’s final appearance in the series saw him being shot by his brother, which knocked him off a cliff, presumably plunging to his death. But could the detective still be alive?

Talk to Newsweek in October, during his first interview with a major American publication, Wi said he wasn’t ruling out his character’s return in a second season.

“I believe that the detective was not mortally wounded”, since he received a bullet in the arm. However, Wi added, “I’m still not really sure” if Jun-ho is alive.

Wi also said it was “very likely” that all of the footage the detective gathered of the game facility, which he attempted to send to his superior via his phone while on the run from members of game team, were not broadcast due to poor mobile reception. .

If the detective is indeed still alive, could Season 2 see him return home and recruit other cops to destroy the gambling facility? Or will he stay disguised as a staff member and eventually team up with Gi-hun to end the deadly competition?

The detective character in "Squid game."
The detective character in “Squid Game”, played by Wi Ha-jun.

The leading man

Several mysteries remain surrounding the Front Man, including why he decided to oversee the competition after winning the competition himself years earlier.

In an October interview with CNN, Hwang revealed that he wanted to explore Front Man’s “unexplained past,” in addition to the policeman’s backstory, in subsequent episodes.

Wi also said Newsweek he would like to see the “various questions around Jun-ho and the Front Man’s story answered” in a second season, including “why he had to point the gun at his younger brother”.

The Front Man character in "Squid game."
The character of Front Man (played by Lee Byung-hun) in “Squid Game” on Netflix.

The old man

The Old Man (played by Golden Globe winner O Yeong-su, also spelled Oh Young-soo) – who participated in the game but later revealed to be the mastermind behind the competition – was depicted as having died in a hospital bed during the finale, with the Front Man towering over his deathbed. But in the same way that the old man’s death was only implied during the round of marbles in the contest, could he still be alive and reappear in Season 2?

The old man in "Squid game."
The old man (played by O Yeong-su, also spelled Oh Young-soo) in “Squid Game”.


the squid game The director previously revealed he hoped to unravel the story behind the salesman, an enigmatic character played by famed Korean actor Gong Yoo (seen recently in Netflix’s The silent sea as well as in various successful Korean films).

The salesman, who recruited the contestants through a game of ddakji (a traditional Korean childhood game played with folded paper squares) appears at the very beginning and end of Season 1. He is last spotted in the finale by Gi-hun which sees him recruit another player on a train platform, similar to how he himself was recruited in the first episode.

Other than his appearance in the first and last episodes, the Seller’s backstory remains a mystery, including how and why he got involved in the competition and whether he is aware of its deadly consequences. Or could the seller (and not the old man) be the real mastermind behind the contest?

Players who did not return to the Games

Following the shock of the first round of the contest (Red Light, Green Light), as mentioned earlier, contestants were free to leave after a vote to have the contest ceased.

While the majority of players returned to the contest, some chose not to return. Knowing now what’s going on behind the games’ closed doors, could these former contestants play a part in season 2 in exposing the truth about deadly competition to the rest of the world and ultimately help end it? Hopefully this – and several other mysteries – will be uncovered in the next season of Squid game.

A still of "squid game" on Netflix.
The contestants seen in their accommodation in “Squid Game” on Netflix
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