Where to find Vajrada Amethyst for Electro Characters


In Genshin Impact, each element has its own ascension gem, Electro being Vajrada Amethyst. Any Electro character, regardless of weapon, rarity, or whatever, will need this purple gem to level up and reach their maximum potential.

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Like other ascension elemental gems, Vajrada Amethyst comes in four quality levels: Vajrada Amethyst Sliver, Vajrada Amethyst Fragment, Vajrada Amethyst Chunk, and Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone. There are several ways to get these gems, so let’s take a look at these methods, as well as which characters will need them – and when.


Which Characters Use Vajrada Amethyst

Any character with an Electro Vision, plus the Raiden Shogun, will use Vajrada Amethyst to ascend – basically any Electro character except the Electro Traveler, as they use their own unique gem.

At higher and higher ascension levels, characters will need higher and higher quality Vajrada Amethyst, as shown in this table:

Climb level character level Gem Required
1 20 3x Ribbon
2 40 3x shard
3 50 6x shard
4 60 3x Piece
5 70 6x Piece
6 80 6x Gem

Currently, nine characters require Vajrada Amethyst, pictured here:

Genshin Impact Bosses that drop Vajrada Amethyst

Usually, the best way to farm elemental gems is to defeat bosses that can drop good ones. For Vajrada Amethyst, the following bosses are able to drop Vajrada Amethyst in their rewards (which cost 40 original resins, of course):

For the most part, higher level bosses can drop higher quality gems, as seen here:

Global level boss level Gems
0+ 36+ Shards
2+ 41+ Fragments
4+ 62+ Parts
6+ 83+ Precious stones

*Please note that the Primo Geovishap will still drop Prithiva Topaz, but can only drop Vajrada Amethyst when it has Electro infused.

Genshin Impact Weekly Bosses that drop Vajrada Amethyst

As with standard bosses, some weekly bosses are able to drop Vajrada Amethyst when the player clears their trounce domain and pays resin for the rewards:

Just like with standard bosses, weekly bosses drop better gems at higher levels:

Gems Domain levels
Shards I, II, III, IV
Fragments I, II, III, IV
Parts II, III, IV
Precious stones III, IV

*Azhdaha will infuse two items per week on a weekly rotation, visible on her domain door before entering. Azhdaha is only able to drop stones that match the two elements he infuses, plus Prithiva Topaz.

Other Ways to Get Vajrada Amethyst in Genshin Impact

Besides facing bosses, there are a handful of other ways to find Vajrada Amethyst.

Daily Commissions

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to earn Elemental Gems is to complete Daily Commissions, although this may also be unreliable.

After completing the four daily commissions assigned by the Adventurer’s Guild, players can pick up a few bonus rewards from Katheryne at any branch. Unfortunately, this only gives Slivers, and which elemental gem they are is random.

Arts and crafts

Fortunately, these Slivers can be designed up into fragments, which can be made into pieces, and these can be made into gems.

At a crafting bench, Elemental Ascension Gems can be crafted upwards in a 3:1 ratio. Here’s a breakdown:

Ingredients More Product
3x Ribbon + 300 = 1x Shard
3x shard + 900 = 1x Piece
3x Piece + 2,700 = 1x gemstone


If the player has the wrong elemental stones for what they need, a crafting bench can also help them convert them to the right stones.

Using the convert option at a crafting bench, players can use Azoth Dust to convert elemental ascension gems to those of other elements, which means they can transform Agnidus Agate, Shivada Jade, Vayuda Turquoise, Varunada Lazurite, or Prithiva Topaz into Vajrada Amethyst.

Azoth Dust can be purchased from Paimon’s Bargains at a rate of 5 Stardust for 10 units of Azoth Dust.

gem level Azoth Dust Required
Wick 1
Fragment 3
Section 9
Gem 27

Parametric transformer

Another easy, but slightly unreliable way to create elemental gems is to use the Parametric Transformer. When certain types of materials are used as “fuel”, there is a higher probability of obtaining certain results. It is not guaranteed, but the there is a higher chance of receiving gems when inserting these materials:

piece of iron Horn Lapis firm arrowhead Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife
piece of tinplate Noctilucous Jade Sharp arrowhead Agent’s Sacrificial Knife
piece of crystal Starsilver Weathered Arrowhead Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife
piece of magic crystal crystal marrow Sango Pearl Pearl Loach
piece of amethyst crystal core Electro Crystal

The parametric transformer creates “sets” of elements. Two of these sets can include Elemental Ascension Gems: one that contains a single shard of a random element and one that contains two shards of a random element.


Perhaps the least reliable method of earning Elemental Ascension Gems is also one of the easiest. This happens through time-limited events. Not all events have Elemental Ascension Gems as possible rewards, but they’re usually pretty easy to get when they are.

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