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Station 19 is in a race against time to save a group of people, while Travis faces the world of dirty politics. Don’t miss tonight’s brand new episode.

It’s a race against time for firefighters in the new episode. Isn’t it always a race against time for them? Well, in the latest episode, they have to find a way to save a bunch of people stuck in a room.

This group of people are scientists. They’re in a room that’s filling up with acid and that acid is going to start eating away at their costumes. The team has 40 minutes if they want to save everyone’s life in this room, but how will they do it?

The dirty world of politics in Station 19 Season 6, Episode 5

Meanwhile, Travis continues his fight for mayor. The problem is he’s not ready to play dirty. He faces an opponent who will. Dixon releases information about Travis once arrested, and it’s going to make headlines.

This is always a clear sign that a bully is under threat. Dixon knows that Travis is a good man, and that may cause him to lose the mayoralty. He’ll stoop to low levels to make sure that doesn’t happen, and Travis may have to join him.

As all of this unfolds, we’ll get to see more of Jack’s story. He has made some breakthroughs recently. After seeing ghosts for the entire previous episode, he got a hug from Pru and that seemed to help things. Will he take action to help himself, or will he end up in another place of hassle?

Check out the promo and synopsis of Station 19 Season 6, episode 5:

The crew works against time to rescue a group of employees trapped inside a malfunctioning battery recycling plant. Carina cooks up a special surprise in an attempt to reconnect with Maya; Travis is caught in the crosshairs of dirty politics.

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Date: Thursday, November 3
Start time: 8/7c
Episode: Season 6, Episode 5, “Pick Up the Pieces”
TV channel: ABC
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Station 19 airs Thursdays on ABC. Catch up Hulu.

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