Video interview with Jeremy Podeswa (director and EP of ‘Station Eleven’)


“I don’t think I’ll ever work on a show like this again or have that kind of experience again,” says the Emmy-nominated director Jeremy Podeswa (“Boardwalk Empire,” “Game of Thrones,” “The Pacific”) about the emotional impact working on “Station Eleven” had on him personally. “Watching the show, there are a lot of cathartic, very emotional, very powerful moments, even though there’s humor and other things as well. But at the end of the day, when we were doing those scenes who were really powerful, and there were a lot of them, we were all incredibly emotional, and I was crying all the time,” he shares, adding for our recent online chat. Also an executive producer, he adds that “it made us allowed to have that release through the characters and through the story, and it was really meaningful, I think, for everyone.” Watch our exclusive video interview above.

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“Station Eleven” was created by Patrick Somervillebased on the 2014 sci-fi/fantasy novel of the same name by Emily St. John Mandel. Twenty years after a flu pandemic wiped out most of the world, a group of survivors who make a living as traveling artists encounter a violent cult led by a man whose past is unknowingly tied to a member. of the troop. As it confronts the harsh realities of what happens to humanity after a catastrophic deadly virus, the series paints an ambitious and ultimately hopeful picture of humanity triumphing over profound loss and destruction. The series has garnered rave reviews from critics, buoyed by strong word of mouth as audiences inevitably draw parallels to their shared experiences of living under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic in real life.

The HBO Max limited series features an impressive production design, an ambitious original score by the composer Dan Romer, and a nuanced emotional intelligence from head writer Somerville and his group of directors. The cast members in particular have also received their fair share of praise, led by Mackenzie Davis, Himesh Patel, Mathilde Lawler, Lori Petty, Nabhan Rizwan, David Wilmot, Danielle Deadwyler, Daniel Zovatto and Gael Garcia Bernal set against a haunting backdrop of a post-apocalyptic dystopia where humanity has been reduced to a few survivors scattered across the Earth. The 10-episode series travels back and forth in time – from the start of the pandemic to many years later in the aftermath – as it follows the Traveling Symphony, a motley group of artists and actors who cross the Great Lakes region for locals every year.

“What was so beautiful about the show, and what really resonated with me, is that these characters go through tragedies, they suffer horrific losses, but at the end of the day they find a reason to carry on, through their relationships and through creating art. So for me, that was really meaningful, and I think it is for a lot of people,” Podeswa says. “It’s about all these big ideas and big themes,” he says, adding, “the way it deals with the importance of art in our lives and what it means to our culture and its centrality in all of our lives, it was really something that resonated very strongly with me.

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