Ubisoft announces The Division Resurgence, a new free-to-play mobile shooter


Ubisoft announced The resurgence of divisiona new free-to-play third-person shooter RPG mobile game from The Division franchise.

A “canon opus” with a new story, the mobile game contains different enemy classes and factions. It will be available for iOS and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play. Interested parties can register for a chance to participate in upcoming tests through the official website.

In the game, you will see a new indie story set in an open world that you are free to roam around. You can expect a detailed city environment, the option to play solo or cooperatively, a variety of PvE activities, story missions and world activities.

This new chapter builds on all the original game modes while bringing new gear and weapons to try.

The Resurgence is set in post-Crisis New York City and offers a different perspective on the story events that took place in both The Division and The Division 2. In the game, you are an agent of the first wave representing the strategic division of the homeland that will need to protect civilians from hostile factions. In the storyline, you will discover new characters with stories and enemies with challenging abilities.

You can customize your character by collecting and upgrading equipment. As you level up and level up your skills, new specializations will unlock with signature weapons and gadgets that you can swap at any time, allowing you to try out new abilities and find “the best co-op synergy ” with other officers.

The game is under development to be optimized for mobile platforms, with controls and interface designed for a “smooth experience” on handheld devices for veterans and newcomers alike.

A release date was not provided.

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