TV characters who have the same condition as the actors who play them


Peter Dinklage has frequently criticized the way actors with dwarfism have been labeled by Hollywood for playing elves, goblins and other cute fantasy creatures. According to a profile in The New York Times, he was initially skeptical of being cast in “Game of Thrones” because of these negative associations with fantasy roles for little people. However, he soon realized that Tyrion Lannister was not part of a magical race but a real human being with achondroplasia (the same condition as Dinklage), who had as many flaws and complexities as any. anyone else in the dark epic series.

The brilliant and underrated House Lannister strategist ended up becoming Dinklage’s most iconic role, beloved by fans, critics and voters alike. Tyrion is author George RR Martin’s favorite character, and it’s easy to see why: his struggles as a disabled man challenging his haters for who he’s made for some of the show’s most gripping drama. Dinklage’s performance as Tyrion was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Emmy for all eight seasons of “Game of Thrones,” and he won for half of those years. While a disappointing ending tainted the show’s legacy to some extent, there’s no doubt that Dinklage’s performance will go down in celebration as one of the best in television history.

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