Tower Of Fantasy’s Latest Trailer Highlights Playable Characters And Their Abilities


Tower of Fantasy, the upcoming open-world shared ARPG from Level Infinite and Hotta Studio, has released a new trailer (below) that showcases its unique and dynamic characters.

Sticking with the anime-inspired art style and sci-fi feel of the game, these characters seem perfectly at home in the environment as they travel the world and engage in battles. The trailer encapsulates the feel of their playstyle and moves, showcases their imaginative mounts, and offers interesting cinematic images of the characters up close and personal. From what we saw in the video, here are the featured characters: Meryl, Shiro, Samir, King, Crow, Zero, Cocoritter, and Nemesis.

Players can interact with this diverse cast of characters in Tower of Fantasy while completing the usual quest, mini-games, and other activities in the world of Aida. But the characters will not only be attractive. They will have compelling stories and personal quirks to separate themselves from others. For example, Zero is super competitive and doesn’t care about things that don’t matter, and Cocoritter is all about trusting others and saving people with her healing skills. Almost every character fills a personality niche you’d often see in anime-inspired games.

Tower of Fantasy will be released in Q3 2022 for PC and mobile devices. Those interested can register on the game site official site before it goes live.

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