Tower of Fantasy shows off some of the open-world multiplayer RPG characters


Tower of FantasyThe upcoming shared-world RPG, released a new trailer this morning highlighting many different characters players will get to know when it launches later this year.

The trailer highlights many different characters that will be playable in Tower of Fantasy when it launches and shows a brief look at how they handle the game. Here’s a breakdown of each highlighted character, via developer Hotta and Perfect World Games.

Via this morning’s press release:

  • Meryl – Senior Hykros Executioner who excels in S-level missions with her sword and combat skills, she takes a cool approach and it’s hard to know what she’s really thinking.
  • Shiro – Known as “a lone wolf ocean maniac” who is passionate about studying the ocean and its characteristics, Shiro has been traveling alone and studying the distribution of the ocean for several years and has contributed significantly to humanity’s understanding of Aida.
  • Samir – A Hykros enforcer who acts independently and likes to play harmless tricks on others, she is highly regarded among elite enforcers.
  • King – Accustomed to solving problems and getting what he wants through violence, King is completely driven by money. and his brash attitude and flamboyant clothes are strong indicators of his personality.
  • Crow – His upbeat and happy nature means that no fun thing escapes Crow’s reach. He can show you fascinating dagger tricks, his dagger collection of pride and joy, or spit a lame joke at any moment.
  • Zero – A computer genius who deliberately – and effectively – destroyed all records of his real name and past. He is intelligent, highly competitive, and ignores anything he considers meaningless to him.
  • Cocoritter – Her unconditional trust in everyone she meets can cause concern. But to exist with that innocence is her determination to save more people with her healing skills.
  • Nemesis – After undergoing modifications by Aida’s heirs, Shirli is transformed into the Angel of Mercy known as Nemesis. Usually quiet and introverted, she turns into a ruthless killing machine when under the mind control of the Inheritors.

The next RPG is slated for release in Q3 2022, and so far over a million players have pre-registered for it. Tower of Fantasy. The developer also teased this morning that they enlisted Japanese singer, Milet, to create the RPG’s theme song, titled Clan.

You can check out the trailer in the embed above. Earlier this month, Tower of Fantasy showed off some of its fights in a new trailer that also highlights some of the environments and monsters players will face in the open world.

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