Top 100 mobile trends in October



From innovative hardware to handy software, this list of October 2022 mobile trends covers the current direction of the mobile device industry. This list showcases new examples of health and wellness apps, more powerful mobile processors, and Web3 innovations in the mobile space.

The “Buddydoc” mobile application is an excellent example of new health-focused mobile applications. Buddydoc is a digital tool that helps pet owners accurately diagnose their pet’s health issues based on a large sample of symptoms. Rather than just describing the problem with your pet, the app will ask you a series of questions such as “Is your pet sleeping more often than usual?” and “Does your pet drink a lot of water?” in order to diagnose the problem. Then the app will provide recommendations on how to seek help for your pet.

On the web3 side, “AMLBot” is a new Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution that aims to help individuals and businesses increase the security of their crypto platform by filtering transactions for “dirty crypto”. This avoids scams while ensuring that respectable users keep their hard-earned money. According to AMLBot, approximately US$14 billion has been stolen via crypto scams to date.

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