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Although the anime series started in 2012, Sword Art Online was set in 2022, with the official launch of the SAO system on November 6. As the real world draws ever closer to that date, fans might wonder how close modern technology has come. Although audiences don’t have access to VR hardware quite like the fictional NerveGear, there are a growing number of VR MMORPGs, with games like Zenith: the last city getting frequent comparisons to the VR world of anime, Aincrad.

The development of these technologies makes the warnings in Sword Art Online more important than ever. There are inherent dangers in fictional worlds becoming as immersive as the real world, especially given some gamers’ view that the VR space has no taboos. SAO characters quickly discovered who was up to the task of dealing with these threats and who was not, with a handful of characters facing the risk of real death to ensure others exited the game safely. . These characters have shown their bravery and the audience can learn a lot about responsible navigation in virtual reality.


Lisbeth (Shinozaki Rika)

After being trapped in SAO, Lisbeth worked as a blacksmith, which allowed her to assist in escape efforts without having to risk her life in the battles themselves. While she remained in the background throughout the original arc, her bravery began to grow in subsequent seasons.

Perhaps most importantly, and most overlooked given the brave actions of other characters, Lisbeth has returned to the world of virtual reality numerous times. The survivors of Aincrad suffered extreme trauma, but many, like Lisbeth, still believed in the good of virtual reality. His continued participation and support of his friends, even when virtual reality still proved to present serious risks, is a testament to a quiet bravery rarely recognized.

Selka Zuberg

Selka was introduced during the Alicization arc as Alice’s younger sister who was expected to live up to her sister’s reputation. After learning what Alice had done, Selka snuck into the cave that Alice, Eugeo, and Kirito had explored as children.

While not a great act of heroism, entering the cave without backup or protection definitely required bravery. She remained a minor character, but her determination to understand her sister was admirable and became more important when she was the only one accepting the new Alice. Selka put her love for her sister ahead of her concern for herself, earning her the respect of the public.


Yui was an AI created for the original SAO game, but quickly grew into a character in her own right after bonding with Kirito and Asuna. When they adopted her as their daughter, she became fiercely loyal to them beyond any programming, even to the point of sacrificing herself.

Yui revealed herself in Aincrad to stop The Fatal Scythe from killing Asuna and Kirito, which she believed would result in her complete obliteration. She also helped them in ALfheim, even though there was a similar risk of being suppressed. She was finally able to exist beyond the world of virtual reality safely, but only after repeatedly demonstrating her bravery in battle and being abandoned by her parents for the real world.

Leafa (Kirigaya Suguha)

It’s hard to be brave when you know that nothing you’re dealing with has real stakes. So while Leafa is a great character who helps Kirito a lot in ALfheim, she’s not going to rank high compared to the other characters who had to experience the terror of SAO. Despite this, she became second only to Asuna in Kirito’s adventures, which put her in danger as the show progressed.

In particular, she and Asuna drew attention to themselves when trying to retrieve Kirito from Rath. As the underworld grew increasingly precarious, Leafa had to suffer the most to put her soul on the line, demonstrating that her bravery was on par with others, even though she hadn’t been through such treacherous situations. .


From childhood, Alice was brave and kind, breaking the taboo clue by accident as she tried to help someone in need. Although the Administrator turned her into a Knight of Integrity, she maintained that basic urge to protect others, which helped Eugeo and Kirito join her.

Alice Synthesis turned her back on the Integrity Knights to do what was right, fight a virtually unstoppable villain (Quinella) and jump in front of the shots intended for his friends. She then continued the fight, assuming a position of leadership as the human empire struggled against the Dark Territories. She exemplifies the height of physical and emotional bravery throughout her time on SAO.


Eugeo was inspired by Kirito to become a warrior, but his determination and moral strength were his own. He chose to become a knight in hopes of saving Alice, and faced whatever hardship it took to reach her. Furthermore, he overstepped his programming and intentionally broke the taboo code to save Tiese and Ronye.

Guided by Kirito’s philosophy that morality extends beyond the laws, his every action was a rebellion against the system he was literally coded to support. He faced opponents far stronger than himself, and in order to stop the Administrator, Eugeo sacrificed his life.

Klein (Tsuboi Ryoutarou)

While Klein was a relative newbie when he entered Sword Art Online, its proud Gryffindor spirit led him to join the fight. He immediately sought out his friends when he learned the truth about the game and eventually led a guild working to complete the game, both of which showed his impulse to protect others.

Klein frequently teamed up with Kirito to protect lower level players and stop PKs committing literal murder. In each case, he risked his real life by joining the fight. Although he became less prominent in later struggles, Klein was a permanent member of Kirito’s group of friends and joined the fight for the underworld for their sake.

Asuna (Yuuki Asuna)

Asuna was originally hopeless about her future in SAO, but quickly grew into one of the bravest warriors they had. She became a leader of the Knights of the Blood guild and became known for being a healer who also fought in battle, despite the risks of the real world. When Kirito was about to be killed, she jumped ahead, sacrificing her life for his.

Although Asuna miraculously survived SAO, she suffered multiple other traumas, which she faced thanks to her faith in Kirito. When he was taken by Roth into the Alicization Arc, she fought in the real and virtual worlds to save him and the other members of the Underworld, even putting her own soul on the line. traditional sense, but she was also brave enough to tolerate helplessness to ensure no one suffered alone.

Otherwise (Asada Shino)

Whereas the Phantom Bullet arc was not highly rated, it introduced one of the show’s best and bravest characters. Sinon lost her father in a car accident and nearly lost her mother in a robbery gone wrong, in which she killed the thief herself. This left her with lifelong trauma, which she joined Gun Gale Online to help deal with.

Sinon has remarkable bravery for repeatedly trying to face her fears through play and real-world exposure therapy. On top of that, she worked with Kirito to stop Death Gun, despite knowing her life was in danger, and worked with Asuna to save Kirito and the Underworld. She faced her fears and risked her life doing what was right.

Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto)

At the heart of every crisis Sword Art Online, Kirito needed to get stronger to face his trials. What makes him brave is how much he volunteered, taking on additional burdens that threatened his life and soul simply because others were in danger. Although he started out as a loner, Kirito quickly became a hero who couldn’t stand the thought of someone dying.

He willingly charged into fights, but he also took steps to ensure others were safe, even when it was to his disadvantage. There was no fight Kirito wouldn’t face and no personal sacrifice he wouldn’t make for others, making him the bravest character in Sword Art Online.

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