The laziest characters in Skyrim


In video games, no individual works harder than the player character in an RPG. Skyrim certainly no exception to this rule. Even though the world is about to end, the Dragonborn still manages to find time in his day to do mundane quests. Whether it’s delivering alchemical ingredients to a shopkeeper or helping a child deal with a bully, the Dragonborn has got it all covered.

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Nevertheless, everyone in Skyrim shares the player character’s high standards of work ethic. In fact, quite a few characters stand out as rather lazy. Unsurprisingly, these people will need the Dragonborn’s help to some extent. Whether or not players decide to help these sloths is up to them.


6 Nazim

Skyrim has a lot of likable characters within its large cast. Nazeem, however, is not one of those people. He is one of the most condescending and arrogant individuals in the game, let alone Whiterun. His statements about whether or not players visit the Cloud District very often are patently false. Veteran Skyrim players have probably visited the Cloud District more times than they care to admit.

Nazeem is the owner of Chillfurrow Farm just outside of town. He’s clearly quite wealthy, so it stands to reason that Chillfurrow Farm is a successful business. However, Nazeem himself seems to do nothing but walk around Whiterun insulting people, which isn’t exactly the definition of a productive day.

5 Brenuin

Beggars populate all the big cities of Skyrim. Some of them have fascinating stories, like Noster Eagle-Eye, who is a veteran of the Great War. Brenuin, Whiterun’s resident beggar, is a little harder to like.

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Brenuin is one of the few residents of Whiterun who asks the player to commit a crime. He tasks the Dragonborn with stealing a bottle of Argonian Ale from the Bannered Mare. Additionally, if the player completes the task, the Dragonborn is rewarded with a health potion, which is also assumed to have been stolen. Why not just join the Thieves Guild, Brenuin? Or better yet, steal your own Argonian brew!

4 Harald

Lots of crummy characters inhabit Riften, and that’s before it is taken into account that the city is the seat of the thieves’ guild. It is also home to a few lazy individuals, such as the Jarl’s son, Harrald. Like many minor quests in the game, Harrald has a ridiculously easy task for the Dragonborn to complete.

Harrald wants the player character to retrieve the former’s sword from the blacksmith and return it to him. The distance from Harrald’s location in the dungeon courtyard to Balimund’s forge takes about ten seconds. The fact that Harrald can’t do it himself is just pathetic. But, at least the Dragonborn gets a reward from the deal. Talk about easy money!

3 Rolff Fist of Stone

Windhelm is not a very welcoming place for non-Nordish people. The first time players visit the town, they will see Rolff Stone-Fist and his buddy accosting a dark elf woman. Rolff is shown to be very antagonistic towards people who are not Nordic.

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Rolff is actually the brother of Galmar Stone-Fist, Ulfric Stormcloak’s lieutenant. Unlike his brother, Rolff doesn’t seem to do much except drink at Candlehearth Hall. Fortunately, the Dragonborn has the opportunity to put Rolff in his place by challenging him to a fight. Beating this man senselessly doesn’t accomplish much. However, challenging the Dragonborn to a fight is generally not a good idea.

2 Jarl Sidgeir

The Jarls of Skyrim are a diverse group. They run the gamut, from accomplished and honorable warriors to wizened old seers. Lazy does not correctly characterize any of them except one: Jarl Siddgeir of Falkreath. This man does not take his duties seriously at all, unlike his more political uncle, Dengeir de Stuhn.

Siddgeir is more concerned with allowing others to do his dirty work. First, he asks the Dragonborn to get him black briar mead (a hopelessly mundane task in itself). Then he asks the player to send a band of bandits who previously worked for him. Overall, Siddgeir is a slimy character who probably doesn’t deserve the Jarl title or responsibilities.

1 Roggi Knot-Beard

Skyrim is a harsh land, so it shouldn’t be surprising to find some unlucky characters. One such character who fits this description is Roggi Knot-Beard, a miner who lives in Kynesgrove. Players can help Kynesgroves innkeeper Iddra settle Roggi’s mead debt.

The Dragonborn can also help Roggi recover his family’s ancestral shield from a random dungeon. Roggi appears to be a valid type; he is fit enough to become one of the player’s companions and even a marriage candidate. So why can’t he solve any of his own problems? He sits with a mounting bar tab and a missing shield and decides not to do anything until someone else comes along to fix his problem! Admittedly, many NPCs in Skyrim are guilty of this same type of behavior, so perhaps Roggi shouldn’t be judged too harshly.

Skyrim is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch.

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