The Best Skyrim Characters To Marry And Why


Marriage is one of SkyrimThe mechanics are less developed, but that shouldn’t obscure the fact that there are several excellent marriage candidates in the game. Skyrim managed to create a rather impressive world, with many notable NPCs. A few of these NPCs in particular stand out as pretty good marriage candidates, both for gameplay and sentimental reasons.

Marriage in Skyrim requires a Mara amulet, as well as a good relationship with the player’s desired spouse, usually accomplished by completing a quest for them. Marriage offers a few benefits, including the player’s spouse running a shop and providing them with a daily gold income, as well as the ability to provide them with occasional stat boosts, either through food or rest. All things considered, marriage is a great investment in Skyrim. While every spouse has these abilities, there are some that are more favorable, usually for personality or history reasons.


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Players in Skyrim can marry any of the marriage candidates, regardless of gender, so the only restrictions are their own methods of becoming friends with the player. Some are partisans, some are associated with factions, and some are civilians unaffiliated with anything significant in Skyrim. However, each of the following contestants has something special about them that makes them particularly memorable.

Marriage in Skyrim – Borgakh is an orc warrior princess

Borgakh the Steel Heart is a powerful and passionate orc warrior.

Borgakh the Heart of Steel is the daughter of fortress chief Mor Khazgur Orc. She is soon to be married to the leader of another stronghold according to Orc tradition, but is not keen on the arrangement. However, by paying her dowry or convincing her to leave, Borgakh will break off the engagement and become a potential follower and marriage option. With so many side quests to explore in Skyrima powerful fighter like Borgakh makes an excellent follower.

Borgakh as a marriage option may seem odd given that she joined the Dragonborn in order to avoid an arranged marriage. However, if presented with an Amulet of Mara, she admits that she is intrigued by the player’s strength and has come to admire them. Despite her tough and battle-loving demeanor, she is just as affectionate as every other spouse in the game. As long as the player is married to her, Borgakh can still continue to act as a follower and join them on adventures. This actually makes the wedding a bit more special, as Borgakh and the Dragonborn can continue their quest together. Get married in Skyrim isn’t difficult, so there’s no reason for players not to get started.

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Borgakh’s marriage is heartwarming in another way as well. In Skyrim, it is revealed that Orcish lore places a lot of importance on strength and the ability to act. By marrying Borgakh and taking him on adventures, she is probably living her ideal life. Being able to spend her life fighting alongside the one she loves is probably her exact definition of a happy ending.

Farkas is a tough, soft-hearted warrior to marry in Skyrim

Farkas of Companions

Farkas is a member of the Companions, a guild of warriors based in Whiterun and one of the most honest factions in Skyrim. He is likely one of the first members the player will encounter, battling a giant in one of the farms outside of Whiterun. It seems a little gruff on first impressions, even before the player learns that SkyrimThe highest ranked companions of are werewolves, but he quickly proves to be one of the friendliest members of the guild, eager to help the player as a new recruit.

Like most members of the companions after completing their questline, Farkas becomes a candidate for marriage. Like Borgakh, he can also venture out with the protagonist, but the real appeal of his marriage comes from the more mundane side of things. Farkas mentions in his dialogue that most people don’t think he’s very smart, and he even admits himself that his brother is smarter than him. In essence, he’s pretty sure the only thing he’s good at is fighting. However, when it comes to marriage, Farkas proves to be perfectly happy to take care of the house, even if he is not brought on an adventure. He may not be the smartest, but he is happy with a simple life.

Besides being a Skyrim a follower who can’t die, Farkas is popular thanks to his strong and friendly personality, and those same traits make him an excellent match. Of course, he can also be brought into combat, where he excels thanks to his long combat history. Regardless of the player’s choice, Farkas is one of the most reliable men in Skyrimand is a perfect marriage partner.

Best Marriage Candidates in Skyrim – Ysolda is a Budding Merchant

Ysolda is a rather humble aspiring merchant and a great marriage option.

Ysolda is another NPC that appears early in Skyrim, although it is not tied to any major quests. His only request is that the player find him a mammoth tusk to trade with a Khajit merchant in order to receive training in the art of selling. She is polite to the Dragonborn and is more than happy to share a bit of her barter knowledge when they help her. While Whiterun holds many secrets in SkyrimYsolda is rather hard to miss.

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Ysolda is a marriage candidate who apparently doesn’t have much going for her, not being a follower or tied to any major faction, though she is involved in a few of the game’s minor quests. makes Ysolda an excellent marriage candidate in terms of story. She is one of the first potential wives the player can meet, she is quite nice and the Dragonborn ends up coming back to her several times during his travels. In a way, it makes a romantic arc quite believable due to their repeated interactions. Ysolda may not be someone special in Skyrimbut it can be special for the Dragonborn.

Plus, marrying Ysolda means she’ll be able to fulfill her dream of running her own shop, whether it’s in a free house in Skyrim’s Whiterun city or wherever the Dragonborn takes up residence. Judging by the daily income she brings in, she also seems pretty good at it. Ysolda’s story isn’t exciting, but it doesn’t need to be. Sometimes a supportive partner is all that’s really needed.

SkyrimMarriage system might not be a flashy feature, but it’s wonderful for world-building and role-playing. Getting married can be a great way to further the Dragonborn’s story, even in a small way. The aforementioned characters stand out as some of the Skyrimbest wedding options in this regard.

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