The best characters in Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin


Whether you’re tuning in to the series’ one-off version or the in-game combat, there’s no denying that Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has some of the weirdest and most absurd characters in the long-running franchise’s history. . However, even with their quirky personalities, they still manage to win our hearts and have us cheering for them from behind the scenes.

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Characters are an essential part of Final Fantasy and help drive the narrative to astronomical heights. However, in the case of Stranger of Paradise, these characters are so crazy that it helps improve every aspect of the game. characters which makes everything a bit brighter.

8 Captain Bikke

Although a unique character, Bikke can leave a strong impression on you with his weird accent, his memorable encounter, and possibly lend a hand to help you hunt down Chaos by sailing you to another island. at the start of the game.

Bikke won’t wow anyone with his dialogue or a heartbreaking story. Still, the fact that he’s a real boss battle in Stranger of Paradise is a sight to behold as he basically only summoned other enemies to do his bidding in the original Final Fantasy. It’s great to see Captain Bikke fully realized in this game in a weird way, making him one of our favorite characters.


7 Ash

Ash is the foundation of the Warriors of Light in Stranger of Paradise and joins Jack on his quest to find and kill Chaos at the start of the game. one like Ash who remains calm and confident in his choices.

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While that’s not to say that Ash doesn’t fly off at times, but he strikes a perfect balance and is generally confident and collected in his quest to defeat Chaos. He is also one of the best teammates you can use in the game and is a loyal companion to you and the rest of the Warriors of Light.

6 Princess Sara

Princess Sarah, a confidante of Garland and one of the game’s important NPCs, often plays the lute in Cornelia’s central plaza. He is a caring and kind person who trusts Jack and company to end Chaos.

Since Princess Sarah is such an integral part of the story, we think giving away too much of her about her would lean heavily into spoiler territory, which we’ll try to avoid. Still, Sarah is one of the most unique characters in the game that will undoubtedly grow on anyone who experiences her.

5 jed

Jed is the perfect contrast to Jack Garland and is a central part of the game and one of the warriors of light looking to defeat chaos at all costs. Jed is an eccentric, carefree individual who is constantly cracking up wisely and living life to the fullest. There’s never a dull moment with Jed, which is an indispensable trait in such a terrible world.

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In many ways, Jed is the comic relief we deserve in Stranger of Paradise and delivers the goods in and out of combat. While each character brings their own wacky qualities to the table, Jed feels the most controlled and intentional, easily making him one of the best members of your rotation.

4 Neon

Being the first addition to the team, you’d think Neon could be the voice of reason that would put the story back on track. Instead, she only confuses things by confidently stating that Chaos isn’t even real and is just a concept, which doesn’t sit well with Jack.

However, differences aside, Neon joins Jack and the other Warriors of Light in traveling with them to uncover the truth behind Chaos, vowing to end it if it exists. Additionally, Neon is a powerful fighter and a solid teammate to have in your rotation, which solidifies her as one of the best characters in the game.

3 Sophia

Sophia is another character who joins the Warriors of Light a bit later in their journey and it’s another moment where you can briefly think, “Maybe she’s the one bringing structure to this crazy team. ” But, again, that’s further from the case as Sophia shares the same burning anger within her as Jack and wants to see Chaos killed by any means necessary.

While not as brutal, violent, or constantly angry as Jack, Sophia clearly has only one goal in mind: to kill Chaos. It also helps that Sophia is a great teammate and can boo most enemies. -you know what- in battle. Each Warrior of Light is a gift and we will cherish it to the very end.

2 Astos

Slender, intelligent and magnificent is the completely redesigned Astos, the king of the dark elves. With hints of history between him and the Warriors of Light, Astos claims to know the location of the crystals the team is looking for and points them in the right direction early on.

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The fascinating thing about Astos in Stranger of Paradise is the sheer brilliance of his appearance. In the original Final Fantasy, Astos is rather unpleasant to look at and is a monstrous elf who lacks any sort of eloquence. However, that has changed, and he is utterly charming and friendly!

1 Jack Garland

Perhaps erroneously resolved, Jack Garland has only one goal in mind: slaying Chaos. At first, he comes across as aloof, rude, and unapproachable, but opens up considerably as the journey continues. He loves his teammates and friends very much and will do anything to protect them.

As the main protagonist of the story, Jack is in the spotlight. His actions and dialogue range from over-the-top anger and violence to heartfelt warmth and surprising depth. Jack is probably the best character in the game for many reasons, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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