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Shōnen anime are known for their ability to build fantastic scenarios where an outsider protagonist manages to impose himself, despite the many difficulties that stand in their way. However, some shonen anime are infamous for containing poorly written female characters who merely serve as one-dimensional love interests devoid of personalities.

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For this reason, many anime fans are disappointed but not surprised that some of the most compelling shonen anime waste the abundant potential of their female characters. Whether they exist purely as love interests or as stalkers driven by their love for a male character, many shonen anime fall short when it comes to building interesting and relatable female characters.

10/10 Juvia Lockser Is Initially Nothing But A Gray Fullbuster Fangirl

Fairy tale

Juvia Locker in Fairy Tail.

Fairy tale is perhaps best known for its unique yet successful blend of multiple genres, from action and comedy to romance and even fantasy. However, the anime admittedly falls short when it comes to introducing female characters without their storyline being driven by their relationship with a man.

Juvia Lockser, who is introduced as a moody water mage with a big crush on Gray Fullbuster, is a perfect example. That said, Juvia ended up becoming a fan after joining Fairy Tail, as it became apparent how much she cares about her guildmates.

9/10 Miki Kanzaki was flattened as a character after becoming the manager of the Bicycle Club

Yowamushi Pedal

Miki from the Yowamushi pedal.

Yowamushi Pedal has a predominantly male cast and focuses on Sakamichi Onoda as he grows more confident in himself through his budding friendships with other members of the Sohoku High Bicycle Club. Even though Yowamushi Pedal is not without female characters, many fans felt that the anime’s few female characters were definitely lacking.

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This is mostly seen in Miki Kanzaki, the manager of the Sohoku High Bicycle Club. Although Miki had considerable potential due to her obvious love of cycling and racing, her character was succinctly flattened as soon as she became the manager of the bike club.

8/10 Elizabeth Midford is limited by her infatuation with Ciel

black butler

Elizabeth from Black Butler.

Fans know and love black butler for the irresistible bond between Ciel Phantomhive and his demon butler, Sebastian, and the lovable antics of the surprisingly skilled staff at Phantomhive Mansion. Unfortunately, the anime falls into the same trap that many shonen anime suffer from: writing female characters who are primarily characterized by their affection for a male character.

Although it can be said of many female characters in black butlerHe is most notable in Ciel’s fiancée, Elizabeth Midford. Even though Elizabeth proves herself as a fearsome swordsman in Black Butler: Book of the Atlanticthis development doesn’t make up for her as a gritty character who is defined by her overbearing love for Ciel.

7/10 Haruhi Suzumiya is a recklessly selfish protagonist

The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi plans her next move in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is undeniably unique since it’s essentially a supernatural anime disguised as a regular slice-of-life anime. Despite this, many viewers couldn’t get past the anime’s irritating and narcissistic protagonist, Haruhi Suzumiya, a reckless young woman who does anything to avoid unnecessary bouts of boredom.

In addition to having an insurmountable god complex, Haruhi remains immensely oblivious to the supernatural events surrounding her – a behavior that is only infuriated by her relentless stubbornness. Even though Haruhi is refreshing in a way since her character doesn’t revolve around her love for a male character, her callous nature and propensity to bully other members of the SOS Squad is also gritty.

6/10 Elizabeth Liones only exists as a fan service

The seven deadly sins

Elizabeth in The Seven Deadly Sins.

The seven deadly sins is known for its mesmerizing abundance of twists, from Meliodas’ massive strength despite his short stature to the interesting bond he and Elizabeth Liones share. However, many viewers couldn’t fathom how Meliodas blatantly oversexualized Elizabeth throughout the anime.

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Although loyal fans of the anime ignore it since the pair were destined to be together and love each other, countless viewers couldn’t ignore the disturbing fact that Elizabeth would never stand up for herself when Meliodas objectified her. While Elizabeth had potential as the current incarnation of the goddess Elizabeth, her personality is sorely lacking.

5/10 Shiemi Moriyama had potential, but she only existed as a love interest for much of the anime.

blue exorcist

Shiemi from Blue Exorcist.

blue exorcist has a compelling cast of characters and is perhaps best known for its unique and fantastical subject matter. Despite this, many anime fans agree that Shiemi Moriyama is poorly written as a soft-spoken child’s play that shamelessly goes with the flow.

That said, some aspects of Shiemi as a character are interesting, such as her lonely past as a chronically ill child and the endearing friendships she forms with Rin Okumura and Izumo Kamiki. However, many fans didn’t like how they flattened his character by introducing him to an unnecessary love triangle with Rin and Yukio Okumura.

4/10 Yuno Gasai is blinded by his obsession with Yuki

Future Diary

Yuno Gasai from Future Diary.

Since stories centered around high-stakes battle royales are always compelling watches, Future Diary had abundant potential as an anime that follows Yukiteru “Yuki” Amano as he is forced into a game of death equipped with a “Future Diary”. However, countless aspects of the anime fall short when compared to works with similar themes and subject matter.

A notable example of this is the irritating lack of depth that Yuno Gasai possesses as a character. While it can be hard not to admire her strong-willed nature, her unwavering devotion to Yuki is aging rapidly. Although she has clear potential, Yuno is limited as a character due to her inexplicable infatuation with Yuki.

3/10 Misa Amane lets her unrequited feelings for the light cloud her reasoning

Death threat

Misa from Death Note looks surprised.

Death threat is widely regarded as one of the best anime series of all time due to the epic rivalry between Light Yagami and L. While the anime contains a compelling array of twists, many fans agree that the female characters in the anime, like Misa Amane, were poorly written.

Like other female characters in shonen anime, Misa is a one-dimensional character which is only motivated by its affection for the Light. Although it is obvious that Light never had feelings for Misa, she is unable to accept this and implicitly allows her feelings for him to cloud her judgement. This is especially noticeable when Misa sacrifices half of her remaining lifespan to obtain Shinigami eyes and learn L’s real name.

2/10 Orihime Inoue is a naive and one-dimensional character


Orihime Inoue in Bleach wiping away her tears.

Due to its compelling cast of characters and nerve-wracking action sequences, it’s no wonder Bleach is part of Shonen Jump’s Big Three. Whereas Bleach contains notable and fully realized female characters like Rukia Kuchiki and Yoruichi Shihoin, many fans agree that the anime’s main female character, Orihime Inoue, is definitely missing.

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From her tiresome damsel-in-distress attitude to her lack of agency and uselessness against formidable enemies, Orihime is generally considered one of the most poorly written female characters, not only in shonen anime, but also in anime as a genre. Orihime is also flat as a naive character who remains nothing more than Ichigo Kurosaki’s main love interest.

1/10 Sakura Haruno’s selfish sense of pride hindered potential character development


Sakura Haruno in Naruto Shippuden.

naruto is one of the longest-running anime series of all time and is perhaps best known for its gripping fight scenes and lovable characters like Naruto Uzumaki and Kakashi Hatake. However, naruto also features one of the most hated anime characters of all time: Sakura Haruno.

A lot of Why naruto fans don’t like Sakura so much is her self-centered nature and her inability to look beyond herself and consider the big picture in times of stress. Many fans also couldn’t figure out why she and Sasuke Uchiha ended up together. They feel that her character could have greatly benefited from more foresight on the part of the show’s writers.

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