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With a new animated series, X-Men ’97, which will be released on Disney+ next year, it’s clear that the X-Men are still fan-favorite characters. The show will be a sequel and will pick up where the 1992 show, X-Men: The Animated Series, leave behind.

Professor X has recruited various mutants and trained them to use their powers to fight against villains. From mind reading to super strength, each character has their own power that they use in battle, which has left the Marvel community wanting more. Being arguably one of the best superhero teams out there, which X-Men characters are the most beloved by fans? private soldier determined which X-Men were the most unforgettable.

Note: Ranking lists are voted by fans, live and continue to accrue votes, so some rankings may have changed after this posting.


ten Colossus

Piotr “Peter” Rasputin better known as Colossus, was recruited by Professor X while training his second generation of X-Men. Working on a farm in Russia, Piotr learned that, like his brother, he was also a mutant.

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Fans are drawn to Colossus due to his benevolent nature. Spending most of his normal life working to care for his mother and sister gave him a soft side for humanity. Despite his appearance as a giant and flesh of steel, he is a compassionate character who puts his own concerns aside to help his team. Only using confrontation and combat when necessary, he tries to keep the peace with others. His tender qualities set him apart from other giant rage-filled superheroes.

9 ice man

Iceman aka Bobby Drake - Marvel Comics

At a young age, Robert Louis “Bobby” Drake discovered that he was a mutant with superhuman abilities to control water vapor and turn into ice. Recruited by Professor X and Cyclops, he was the second member to join the X-Men.

Iceman is a relatable character for many fans. He faces the mountains of work and stress of college. While some fans experience the added stress of the program’s extra activities, he joined a team that fights evil. Being the youngest in the group makes him feel like he has to prove himself to keep up with his older teammates. Getting emotional at times and showing his softer side, he never fails to crack a joke, even at the most inappropriate of times.

8 Cyclops

Cyclops fires an optical blast

Scott Summers earned his name Cyclops, due to his super ability to fire optic blasts. Recruited by Professor X to join his developing superhero team, he became the first of the X-Men.

Experiencing many difficulties and heartaches in life, Cyclops won the hearts of many people. Fighting through all the struggles he faces; it comes back much stronger. His persistence in never giving up and his bravery help him take charge of any situation. Over the course of his training and his life experiences, he developed a sense of responsibility and a taste for true love. His loyalty and dedication to protecting others makes him a character fans can connect with.

seven Professor X

Dr. Charles Francis Xavier specializes in mutant biology. To help achieve his goal of equality between mutants and humans, he establishes the Xavier School for gifted youngsters. He uses his powers of mind reading and mind control for good.

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Professor X brings heartwarming sentiment to the X-Men. He expresses his compassion and caring nature by teaching others to be their best and fight for their dreams. He has dedicated his life to ensuring that others are cared for and treated equally, putting aside his own needs. Sharing his wealth and generous knowledge, he reminds fans what it’s like to help others. With his passion for protecting and helping others, he serves as a mentor to everyone.

6 Marvel Girl / Phoenix

Jean Grey, or better known as Marvel Girl, was the last X-Men and the first woman to join the original team. As Marvel Girl, she possesses telepathic and telekinetic powers. When she dies to save her team, the Phoenix Force takes over and she becomes Phoenix, granting her immortality.

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Full of strength and intelligence, Phoenix is ​​the face of female empowerment. She faces major changes allowing her to finally find her true self and show her full potential. With compassion and warmth, she protects her friends and loved ones. Putting others before her without thinking of the consequences proves to fans that she is fearless and full of girl power.

5 Gambit

Gambit X-Men

Remy LeBeau, also known as Gambit, started out as a member of the New Orleans Thieves Guild. By learning their villainous ways, he gains the reputation of a master thief. Using his power, he can turn any inanimate object into an explosive device.

Known for being mysterious and charming, Gambit takes on the role of the team’s cool guy. Making bad decisions at some point in his life, he turned his life around by redeeming himself and joining the X-Men. Taking advantage of his second chance, he uses his protection and his patience to prove that he has a good heart. Even though he’s on the right side of the tracks now, he still has moments of frustration and can be a little sarcastic. Being the good guy out of trouble and stress makes him an identifiable character for fans.

4 Somnambulist

Nightcrawler function

Kurt Wagner better known as Nightcrawler is a mutant born in Germany. He has a recognizable appearance of blue skin, yellow eyes, and a pointed tail. Using his many powers, he defeated many notorious villains.

Nightcrawler is a complex character. Not fully knowing his story and trying to find his own identity, he searches to find himself. Upon finding his home with the X-Men, he shows great compassion and loyalty to his friends. Even with the negative events of his past, he shows tons of optimism towards things and remains full of energy. Known for being a showman, he enjoys making people laugh by being a prankster and a trickster.

3 Magneto

Max Eisenhardt, Magneto, is often associated as a villain with the X-Men. However, this is not actually the case. Magneto has teamed up with them to defeat common enemies. Having superpowers that come in all forms of magnetism gives her an array of abilities.

Setting goals and striving to achieve them, Magneto sometimes gets a bad rap. Fighting for his beliefs with intense force, he can often be seen as cruel. With his difficult history in life, who could blame him for being vengeful? Having a passion for his own set of rules, he is defined in his own way. Questioning the trust of others because of his past makes fans sympathize with him.

2 Storm

Cover of Storm X-Men

Ororo Munroe, Storm, has often been referred to as one of the most powerful mutants on Earth. Experiencing the intense loss of her parents at a young age, she discovered that her powers can be controlled by her emotions. Controlling the weather and able to fly, she has one of the strongest set of powers on the team.

Storm brings a unique vision to the team. She had a difficult past but it made her stronger than ever. Protecting her friends and her team, she can face anything, without fear. She has compassion for others, which allows her to empathize with them. She shows her strength and confidence as she steps into her leadership roles. Bringing nature-based power and diversity to the team, she brings new perspectives to fans.

1 Wolverine

James Howlett better known as Wolverine is one of the most notable X-Men. With a reputation as a great superhero and violent killer, it’s no wonder he’s one of the hardest to defeat. With his vast abilities, he is the envy of any team.

Wolverine has a hardcore attitude. He is known to protect his own team. He will go on and on to do what is right and save them. He is unabashedly fearless and courageous. Walking at his own pace, he is invincible. His willful and adventurous ways make him appreciated and admired by fans.

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