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Nerdy characters are all too often the butt of jokes, whether they’re simply cast as sidekicks or constantly mocked for their lack of charisma. Still, the presence of nerdy characters in the main group undeniably enriches the overall group dynamic, implicitly challenging the negative, nerdy stereotypes that have long defined these characters.

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As a result, a new feature set that celebrates nerdy characters for their quirks rather than ostracizing them has gradually become commonplace and arguably ushered in a whole new era of nerds on the big screen.

ten Abby’s nerdness and wit are often overlooked due to her gothic exterior (NCIS)

Since Abby from NCIS appears to be more of a goth than a stereotypical nerd, many viewers initially forget that she’s brilliant. Along with being highly respected in the various NCIS units she worked with, it is revealed that Abby graduated with high honors and earned her master’s degree in criminology and forensic science.

Though Abby is often remembered for how her caring, bubbly interior varies dramatically from her all-black goth aesthetic, her attention to detail and wit have solved countless cases, and it’s no wonder ‘she is one of the few characters to appear in all three NCIS series.

9 Ben’s character took old-fashioned nerd stereotypes and made them his own (Parks and Recreation)

Ben Wyatt by Ben Wyatt by Parks and recreation. As someone who is very opinionated about many aspects of nerd culture, from star trek at Batman and even the niche incredibly Settlers of Catan board game, it naturally took a while for fans to appreciate Ben as a character.

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However, while the personalities of many stereotypically nerdy characters are defined by their interests in pop culture, viewers discover a softer side to Ben through his endearing relationship with series protagonist Leslie Knope.

8 Charlie was made even better by his (supernatural) actor’s own nerdiness

Often, nerdy characters are brought to life by actors who are also quite nerdy. A perfect example is Charlie from Supernaturalportrayed by Felicia Day (who created and starred in the LARP-centric web series, The guild). Felicia’s love of LARPing is referenced in the show’s eighth season, as her character frequently appears in full LARP garb.

In addition to LARPing, Charlie has many pop culture interests ranging from The Lord of the Ringsto the works of esteemed science fiction and fantasy authors like Stephen King and Ursula K. LeGuin (which can be gleaned from her several pseudonyms).

seven Dwight’s irreverent sense of humor sets him apart from stereotypical corny characters (The Office)

One nerdy character who has become a fan favorite in the show’s dedicated fandom is Dwight from Office. Though Dwight is adorned with the thready bezels and social incompetence that have long defined on-screen nerds, his admirable ability to not take himself too seriously breathes new life into the antiquated tropes that have defined nerdy characters for too long. long time.

Whereas Office often makes Dwight the butt of the joke because of his nerdism, such as when Michael makes fun of him for his knowledge of The Lord of the Ringsthe show’s deadpan sense of humor flips that comedy on itself and ends up poking fun at the very people who poke fun at nerdy individuals for their niche interests alone.

6 Alex has always been wise beyond his years (modern family)

Since the main cast of modern family consists of a wacky cast of characters, viewers often gloss over the complexity of Alex as a character. While Alex is one of the younger characters on the show, she’s surprisingly smart and known for her humorous quips that seem to come out of nowhere.

As the middle child of her family, Alex learned to be self-reliant and ambitious from an early age – something that carries over throughout the series as she devotes her free time to reading and when he is revealed that she is multilingual (from French to Chinese). and even Elvish, the set of Elvish languages ​​of The Lord of the Rings).

5 Chidi’s overflowing empathy often triumphs over his studious nature (The Good Place)

While Chidi from The right place is primarily characterized as a scholar of ethics and philosophy whose abundant knowledge prevents him from making even the smallest of decisions spontaneously, Chidi also possesses countless attributes that radically set him apart from negative and corny stereotypes. For example, Chidi is very empathetic and often considers the thoughts and feelings of those who are dear to him, even if it means he is hurting.

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Although many viewers see Chidi’s immense indecisiveness as a sign that he lacks self-awareness, they fail to see that he takes his time to make a decision precisely because of his abundant empathy.

4 Willow Reminds Nerdy Viewers It’s Okay To Be Themselves (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

An undeniable fan favorite, Willow from buffy the vampire slayer quickly made a mark on fans due to his social awkwardness and computer skills which come in extremely handy to the Scooby Gang time and time again. Although Willow is often celebrated for her gradual transformation from a shy and insecure teenager into a powerful and confident young witch, she never compromises who she is along the way.

Contrary to the common trope of the nerdy girl character who only becomes conventionally attractive after pulling back her ponytail and playing dumb with the guy she likes, Willow remains unabashedly herself throughout the series.

3 Bill embraces his interests and stands up to bullies who try to make him feel small (Freaks And Geeks)

Although the coming-of-age television series from the late 90s freaks and geeks only received the appreciation it deserves years after being prematurely canceled; the now cult classic boasted a plethora of compelling and fully fleshed out characters. One such character was Bill, a socially awkward but endearing young man who is part of the “Geek” trio.

Although he embodies several old-fashioned corny stereotypes, Bill has carved his way into the hearts of fans due to his deadpan sense of humor and his ability to stand up to his tormentors. Whether he happily watches his favorite TV show or plays Dungeons & Dragons with his friends, Bill reminds us to remember to live in the moment and not to take life too seriously.

2 Lisa has always been the voice of reason in her family (The Simpsons)

One of the first nerdy characters young viewers were sure to identify with if they grew up watching The simpsons was Lisa Simpson, jazz enthusiast and academically ambitious. While Lisa was often the butt of the joke, especially when her teachers tried to get anyone but Lisa to answer a question in class, she possesses a certain charisma that makes it hard for viewers to not rooting for her.

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Along with her charming demeanor and infectious laugh, Lisa is still the voice of reason within her family, despite being one of the show’s youngest characters. Given that many cheesy stereotypes hinge on the character being a pop culture-obsessed recluse, Lisa’s environmental activism and ability to look beyond herself is extremely refreshing.

Abed, the sitcom’s lovable sci-fi buff, is another character who embodies several stereotypical corny traits only to subvert them and ironically become his own because of those traits. Community. While it’s clear that Abed considers himself a study group pariah, he’s been known to offer his two cents when one of his favorite TV shows or movies is mentioned.

Since it’s incredibly common for nerdy characters to be bullied, Abed is refreshing as a character who is not only rarely bullied on the show, but is best friends with the type of jock character who would bully him. in a stereotypical way. Fans agree that the pair’s dynamic is one of the best parts of Community.

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