Streamer removed from TV station’s feed after abusive and misogynistic video reappears




Streamer, YouTuber and all-around internet celebrity IShowSpeed ​​recently helped one of Europe’s biggest TV channels, Sky Sports, with its broadcasts of English Premier League matches. It was, it seems, until the leaders of the chain discovered a video that went viral in April.

IShowSpeed ​​- more commonly referred to simply as ‘Speed’ – had been in the stands earlier this month to watch his side Manchester United play Fulham in the league (then beloved Aston Villa for the League Cup), and while there helped pitch segments for the channel and appeared on their social media feeds. Here is an example (survivor):

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And here’s another (independently uploaded by someone who recorded the footage), showing him recognizing neither Jamie Redknapp nor Louis Saha:

Ishowspeed in SKY SPORTS STUDIO does not react to any RONALDO

Speed, which got famous streaming games like Fortnite, NBA 2K and Fifawas presumably brought in by Sky to capitalize on its internet following and supposed appeal to young football fans, which at press time stands at 13m YouTube subscribers and 5.4m Instagram followers (he is permanently banned from Twitch).

To date, however, almost all of Speed’s promotional material on Sky’s social media has been removed (apart from that single Tweet above), with Athleticism reporting that Sky made the decision after being made aware of a video that made the rounds in April—one that became so notorious that we talked about it—in which Speed ​​made incredibly hostile and misogynistic comments to his teammates:

While Speed ​​later apologized for those comments, they were so bad Riot Games banned him not only Valorantbut League of Legends as well (his ban from Twitch, meanwhile, was also for misogyny, just a different video). It’s weird, considering it’s been so widely reported, this Tweet has 180,000 likes and 11.7 million views and that was only 7 months ago – that no one at Sky had even thought to google his name before putting him in the spotlight like this!

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