Star Wars won’t stop trashing one of its strongest characters


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: Bounty Hunters and Bounty Hunter War!

Ever since Obi-Wan Kenobi declared Mos Eisley to be a “hive of foam and wickedness” during the first star wars movie (A New Hope)few characters have personified these words like the bounty hunters of The Empire Strikes Back—Boba Fett, IG-88, 4-LOM, Zuckuss, Dengar and Bossk. These six bounty hunters, along with A New Hope Greedo, has some of the rarest reputations in both Star Wars mythos and fandom in general. Despite their brief screen time, their unique designs make them fan favorites among one of the most immersive galaxies in fiction.


Some longtime followers claim that Star Wars has become oversaturated with lightsabers and the Force to the point where it’s no longer special. While some stories maintain mysticism and mystery, these critics are right; this is one of the reasons why the first season of The Mandalorian was so dominant over other media. The “scum and wickedness” side of Star Wars has always been one of its most striking aspects. So many comics, whether Legends or Canon, tell the story of one of the most feared non-Force-sensitive characters.

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A legendary story of Trandoshan

Bossk is one of the baddest bounty hunters in Star Wars.

Mary Jo Duffy, David Michelinie, Ron Frenz and Gene Day’s star wars #67-72 (from 1982 to 1983) provided a source for the origins of Bossk’s Legends. While Boba Fett’s first appearance in the Star Wars Holiday Special earned him the title of “best bounty hunter in the galaxy”, Bossk may be the finalist. Bossk’s roots in Star Wars Legends are fierce, as seen in his Trandoshan origins. When he was a child, he ate his siblings. His father, Cradossk, considered this a feat, so he named his son “Bossk”, which directly translates to “devours his prey” in their native language Dosh. Not only was Cradossk the most powerful Trandoshan who ever lived, but he also led the Bounty Hunters Guild. When Bossk managed to hunt and skin multiple Wookiees at an early age, as is customary for his species, he eventually killed his father, becoming the galaxy’s most dangerous bounty hunter. Unfortunately, when he and Aura Sing trained Boba Fett, Bossk unwittingly lowered himself through the ranks, as he couldn’t compete with a mixed mastery of Trandoshan, Mandalorian, and Human skills.

Bossk’s storied history has essentially made him and Boba twisted versions of Chewbacca and Han Solo in the fandom. At the time of The Empire Strikes Back, the only known language that all Trandoshans could speak was Dosh; their grunts and grunts would be the only intelligible thing they could express. Like Chewbacca, this made Bossk a much more menacing character. Nonetheless, the books would eventually translate his Dosh to Galactic Basic. Bossk’s unexplained vernacular has caused confusion, leading him to speak basic in every adaptation after The empire strikes back including The Clone Wars and the last Star Wars: Battlefront Games. Even though the hunter has become comprehensible, Bossk has lost much of its sinister mystique.

Bossk’s first embarrassment

Boba Fett defeats Bossk in War of the Bounty Hunters.

Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise in 2012, leading Marvel to create new comics for fans around the world; it also meant new stories for Bossk. In 2021 Bounty Hunter War #2 (Charles Soule & Luke Ross), Bossk gets his chance to take on Boba Fett in his prime for the first time in the new Star Wars canon. Bossk lands a decent surprise attack, tripping and overpowering Boba into a rope. However, Boba easily escapes and makes short work of Bossk. Boba Fett then ties him to an ice pick and leaves him to die. Of course, Bossk eventually manages to escape, but it’s one of the most embarrassing moments for the supposedly legendary bounty hunter Trandoshan.

Bossk’s loss to Boba Fett may have been one of his most lame moments, but that doesn’t stop Bossk from being a beast in Star Wars canon. Much of Bossk’s Legends origins remain intact through subtle moments in its minimal appearances. When a player selects Bossk’s in Star Wars Battlefront II, sometimes he says, “I am Bossk, son of Cradossk! There’s not as much significance to that line if Cradossk and Bossk’s story doesn’t look a bit like it once did in Legends. In Ethan Sacks, Paolo Villanelli, Arif Prianto and Travis Lanham Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #11, Bossk proves his influence as a ruthless killer. In an event known as the Great Hunt of Malastare, Bossk overpowers his captors, who had initially detained him. Single-handedly turning hunters into prey is one of the most exemplary showcases of Bossk’s skill in this new generation of Star Wars.

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The greatest shame of all

Bossk is defeated in Star Wars Bounty Hunters issue #21.

Sack and Villanelli continued their bounty hunters run to the last number, #21. Bossk has never experienced such embarrassment in all of its history. During a confrontation with General Vukorah and the Unbroken Clan, Bossk charges at the fearsome leader. Vukorah mocks Bossk saying: “I can see you’re not the mastermind of the outfit, Trandoshan — So why don’t you leave that to the adults?” She precedes to shoot some ceiling debris, and it effortlessly knocks Bossk out in one hit.

It’s quite amazing how Bossk’s status has gone down. At one point, Bossk was the most treacherous hunter in the galaxy, the leader of the Bounty Hunters Guild, and had a chance against Boba Fett. Now rockfall beats him easily. An argument could be made that Bossk is a wild beast that jumps before looking, so it makes sense that he was unsuccessful against Vukorah. Nevertheless, his brute force has always made up for his lack of discretion. Bossk survives until his appearance in return of the jedi, so it is clear that he is not dead.

Bossk’s last canonical appearance, as of now, is aboard Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge. While a story has yet to be worked out about his survival against the explosion concluding Jabba’s massive entourage above the Sarlacc pit, Bossk is set to star in Star Wars: Halcyon’s Legacy #5, by Ethan Sacks and Will Sliney. This comic, slated for release in June, is set during the formation of The New Republic. Halcyon’s Legacy #5 confirms that Bossk survived the Sail Barge explosion for the first time in Cannon. This comic also means fans could potentially encounter bounty hunter Trandoshan in The Mandalorian, or another star wars show located between Return of the Jedi and the force awakens. Despite his recent humiliation in the comics, Bossk is far from over.

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