Sony could create a Horizon MMO, and it could come to phones



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There’s been strong speculation out of Korea that Sony has signed a deal with developer NCSoft to create an MMO adaptation of its best-selling Horizon franchise. The studio is best known for its ultra-popular releases like Line and guild warswhich are prominent in Asia, although a report from local publication MTN claims the company is aiming for global success here.

Judging by the wording of the report, it looks like the ink is still a little wet on this deal, so if it’s accurate, it’ll still be in the very early stages of development. Interestingly, however, PlayStation has hired a Korean translator – with the workplace listed as Amsterdam. Horizon’s creator, Guerrilla Games, is of course based in the Dutch capital, which adds weight to the report.

What’s even more fascinating is that alongside this translator role, Sony has a handful of Amsterdam-based producer roles for an upcoming “mobile game project.” Given NCSoft’s expertise and PlayStation’s decision to develop more mobile games, we wouldn’t be surprised if this title turns out to be smartphone-targeted, much like Genshin Impact perhaps.

In fact, speaking with Famitsu quite recently, PS Studios boss Hermen Hulst said, “We believe that developing mobile-friendly titles and doing cross-play between console and mobile is also an important initiative.” It is therefore possible that this MMO Horizon could be launched on a variety of platforms, including mobile, PlayStation and PC.

We’ll obviously reach out to Sony and try to get some clarification on what exactly is going on here, but it could be a potentially fascinating expansion of the Horizon universe. Is that something you would be interested in, though? Remember, there is separate rumors of a spin-off game from Guerrilla’s live-action online service Horizon; whether it is related to this alleged NCSoft partnership is unclear.

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