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Despite being a great game overall, Skyrim has some really loathsome characters, and the worst are the ones the player can’t do anything against. Because of SkyrimThe open-ended nature of most NPCs in the game can die, including some really nasty ones. However, there are a few selected characters in the game that cannot die at all.

In Skyrim, characters marked as “essential” cannot die under any circumstances outside of story-related circumstances. This tag is usually extended to characters very important to the plot, such as jarls and other notable characters, although some other assorted characters also have the tag. As a result, unlikable characters that are essential tend to be disliked more than other disliked characters such as Nazeem and Grelka. It’s not too bad when SkyrimRude NPCs can be killed, but it’s much worse when the player can’t do anything to them.


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While there are a fair amount of core characters who aren’t particularly likable, there are a few, in particular, who stand out as incredibly insufferable. They go beyond just being unfriendly and manage to come off as some of the worst people ever. Skyrim and even the old scrolls series. However, as gruesome as they are, the player has no chance of punishing them for their misdeeds.

Erikur is one of the most spoiled and selfish men in Skyrim

Erikur's callousness makes his essential status infuriating.

Elisif le Bel, the jarl of Haafingar, is a rather honest woman. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for one of his Thanes, Erikur. An incredibly callous man, he only cares about his own desires and shows open disdain for others. He uses his money and status as a Thane to assert his supposed importance over others. It fits perfectly with Skyrimis Thalmor, a religious intolerant, and his worst behavior is exhibited at one of their parties. In the “Diplomatic Immunity” quest, he harasses a Bosmer slave and potentially has her sent to the Thalmor’s torture chamber after she refuses his advances. He shows no remorse for anything he does, only satisfied when he gets what he wants.

A cut mission, “Boethiah’s Bidding”, made him even worse than he was in the last game. This quest would have the player assassinate Elisif on the orders of the Daedric Prince Boethiah, leaving Erikur to take his throne as Jarl. His unused afterthought quotes even imply that he was the one behind the assassination plot, only because he wanted more power. Sacrificing a follower for Boethiah’s Call was bad enough, but putting Erikur in power would be a total disaster. Luckily, in the final game, he has little leverage, as everyone at Solitude’s court takes advice from the much more rational Falk Firebeard instead.

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The one positive thing about Erikur is that his essential status can actually be removed. Once the missions where he is directly involved are completed, his essential status will deactivate, allowing the player to inflict any punishment he wishes on him. Oddly enough, if the player kills Erikur, he might receive a letter from his sister thanking him for the deed, showing how much he was truly hated.

Rolff Stone-Fist Is Skyrim’s Most Heinous Racist Bully

Rolff is one of Skyrim's most inexplicable and undeserving core NPCs.

Rolff Stone-Fist immediately makes a negative impression on the player the first time they see it. During the player’s first visit to Windhelm, Rolff will harass and threaten a Dunmer, accusing her of being an Imperial spy without any proof. Highlight the racism that appears in Skyrim seems to be Rolff’s sole purpose. Unlike some cases where a character will turn out better than first impressions seem, Rolff really is as vile as he appears.

Rolff’s daily schedule consists mainly of drinking at Candlehearth Hall during the day and walking around the Dunmer neighborhood known as the Gray Quarter shouting racial slurs at night. In the conversation, he is not interested in any topic aside from his hatred for the Dunmer, even bragging about his own racism. The only other interaction players can have with this NPC is to challenge them to a brawl, which will reward them with a rather unimpressive 100 gold when they win. If the player adopts a child and lives in Windhelm, their child will sometimes even say that Rolff told them how dangerous the Gray Quarter is, almost certainly due to his own racism. Skyrim has several terrible choices for players and having Rolff as a neighbor is one of them.

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Despite being an insufferable racist irrelevant to the plot, Rolff is inexplicably labeled essential as he is a potential target for a thieves guild radiant quest. While several characters are essential for this reason, most of them aren’t as insufferable as Rolff. Honestly, Rolf adds nothing to the game other than being a hateful figure that the player better avoid.

Maven Black-Briar is Skyrim’s most unpunished crime lord

Maven is Skyrim's most visible criminal and she will never suffer setbacks.

Maven Black-Briar is one of the most infamous NPCs among Skyrimfanbase for two reasons. One is his incredibly arrogant personality, and the other is his pivotal status that ensures his reign of terror will continue. Even a Dragonborn wicked enough to join Skyrim‘s Dark Brotherhood will quickly tire of Maven’s antics. Among gamers, Maven is frequently cited as one of gaming’s most despised characters, and the screen time she gets is a good reason why.

Maven is a mead owner and crime lord based in Riften who spends much of her time wandering the town. She is tough and demanding with virtually everyone she meets, even threatening to disown her daughter Ingun for taking an interest in potions rather than the family business. She also shows no politeness to the Dragonborn, insulting them if they recognize her power. Indeed, Maven has ties to both the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood and uses them to his advantage. Although she does not hold an official position of power, her money and connections essentially give her free reign of Riften. His story sounds like a potential build for one of the SkyrimMaven’s toughest boss fights, but Maven never faces any consequences.

Maven’s immunity goes beyond the norm for essential characters. Like the others, she is immune to death by any means. However, if the Civil War storyline ends with the Imperials winning, not only will Maven not be punished for her misdeeds, but she will become the Jarl of Riften, officially becoming the ruler of the town. It is one of Skyrimthe greatest injustices and can make players even more unhappy with Maven.

SkyrimThe unlovable core characters of are some of the most insufferable characters in the game, especially knowing that the player is forced to let them go unpunished for their crimes. In a world where the Dragonborn can fight cruelty and wickedness of all kinds, these characters are safe from justice. It is this injustice that makes them feel like the worst of the worst in Tamriel.

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