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Typically, NPCs are seen wearing the same outfits regardless of which city the Dragonborn is visiting, but sometimes a character is spotted wearing clothes that don’t quite match the theme of the Dragonborn. Skyrim. Many of these impractical outfits worn by NPCs encountered by players are special to them and are a way to spot these characters.

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On other occasions, the outfits just don’t seem too realistic compared to the freezing environment of Skyrim, where it never really stops snowing. Based on the appearances of these garments, it is safe for players to believe that these outfits in no way protect against the elements of Skyrim.

6 Bodil – Dawnstar

This is not just for Miner Bodil, but all NPCs found in Cold Towns and Towns across Skyrim, where the snow is so deep that players can barely see ahead. It should be noted that the Nordics originate from Skyrimand so they may be accustomed to this cold, but even so they should not walk around in such thin clothing as they do.

Mods have been created to alter the outfits worn by NPCs to more realistically match the environment they find themselves in. Otherwise, it’s hard not to wonder why many of these characters didn’t fall into hypothermia. Especially Bodil who works at the Iron-Breaker mine in Dawnstar where she is subjected to wearing ragged pants which, when worn by a man, completely remove their shirt. Not great for the weather Skyrim is famous for.

5 Snilf–Riften

Again, this isn’t just aimed at Snilf, and unfortunately it’s something they can’t control. Outfits including beggars Skyrim are forced to wear are appalling for the days of snow and rain the Dragonborn is going through. Many players have taken pity on NPCs like Snilf who are only looking for a single septim to buy themselves something to eat, but some might wish they could also buy him a whole new outfit.

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Their clothing may be realistic compared to what one might imagine for a medieval beggar, but that doesn’t stop the outfit from being impractical when it comes to defending against the elements. Many of the outfits worn by beggars like Snilf are sleeveless and made from the finest materials, some don’t even have shoes, though luckily Snilf seems to have been able to buy a pair. These beggars need warmer clothes.

4 Sheogorath – Solitude

Arguably one of the most beloved Daedric princes, Sheogorath rules as the princes of madness in style, and his attire matches that. In Skyrim, Sheogorath keeps his iconic two-tone costume adorned with spirals that make him look rather dapper. Compared to his flirtatious bodyguards who certainly have a questionable choice of armor, the mad god doesn’t look too bad even though it’s a centerpiece of an outfit, that’s certainly memorable.

While fashionable, the costume isn’t exactly protective, and Sheogorath may remind the Dragonborn of his immortality, but that doesn’t mean he’s completely incapable of being killed. It may be unlikely, but someone who needed to get the better of him would be able to get past those defenses to beat him. However, this could all be a disguise for Daedric princes like Sanguine, who disguised himself as a mortal man to go drinking through Skyrim.

3 Cicero–Whiterun

This eccentric Imperial dresses up the role of Jester when he can be found near Whiterun or in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Falkreath. Although Cicero is an assassin, and a good one at it, his attire certainly doesn’t allow him to blend in very well with the people of Skyrim. Even without her funny outfit, other NPCs are quick to point out her weird nature.

Regardless of how much he stands out, the clothes also don’t give Cicero armor because it’s just cloth, which means what happens when an assassination goes wrong? There is no defense, so any blade or spell would pierce it. Although he is strongly enchanted to improve his skills. Players can get their own set of jester duds at the end of the Dark Brotherhood questline, or simply steal his clothes if they decide to kill him.

2 Nocturne – Falkreath

As the goddess of night and darkness, her outfit should match this aesthetic and it complements her beauty. However, the revealing dresses she wears don’t seem like the most practical outfits. Daedra Prince or not, beauty is no defense, and the clothes she wears, although further enhancing her beauty, do not protect her from possible attacks from mere mortals.

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She may be strong enough to avoid being struck by those who dare to oppose her, but is her will strong enough to protect her from the cold? Can Daedra even feel the cold in the first place? These are questions that Skyrim didn’t answer, but this makes the player wonder more about the clothing choices of the Daedric Princes. As the patroness of the Thieves Guild, why isn’t her outfit geared more toward her followers or vice versa, but maybe that’s a good thing.

1 Ulfric Stormcloak – Windhelm

Imagine being the most wanted man of all Skyrim and not wearing armor every hour of the day, well that’s exactly the mentality of Jarl Ulfric, leader of the Stormcloaks. This man has already been captured once while dressed in his finery, yet Ulfric never considered improving on what he wears as he sits on his throne at the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm.

The outfit itself is insulated, which will keep him warm in his freezing northern kingdom. Of his entire outfit, the only part that gives him armor is his bracers and even these are a measly five defense points, unlikely to protect him against Imperial soldiers who want his head. Luckily for Ulfric, he’s an essential NPC until the final Civil War mission if the Dragonborn sides with the Imperial Legion.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch.

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