Skyrim characters who should have been marriage options but weren’t



Skyrim allows players to marry NPCs, but not all characters are marriageable – even some who really should. Here are the missed opportunities of Skyrim.

Bethesda’s fantasy RPG Skyrim allows players to marry certain NPCs, from staunch followers such as Lydia to more minor characters who may be encountered on the map. There are several characters in the game, however, who are not presented as marriage candidates despite the number of unique dialogues they have. In the eyes of many Skyrim fans, this looks like a missed opportunity. Here are some Skyrim characters who really should have been married but, for one reason or another, weren’t.

Marriage in Skyrim is not as fleshed out as romances in similar RPGs such as Mass Effect tends to be. Even Bethesda’s other popular RPG series, Fall, tends to deepen its mechanisms of romance. Fallout 4 in particular allowed players to gain an affinity with their companions in a way that was not implemented in Skyrim, even allowing romantic intrigues to continue once approval was high enough. BioWare Dragon Age: Inquisition worked the same way.


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It should be noted that most of the others Old scrolls the titles did not feature marriage as an inherent part of the gameplay at all, although there are mods available for Morrowind and Oversight it changes that. The Elder Scrolls Online However, romance and marriage were also added, which could imply that Bethesda was only testing the feature when it released. Skyrim. If so, the marriage could be significantly improved with the eventual exit of The Elder Scrolls 6.

Dawnguard’s Serana could have provided a unique dialogue

Skyrim characters who should have been marriage options but weren't Dawnguard Vampire Serana

More Skyrim DLC characters, especially those from the Dawn Guard expansion pack, are not marriage candidates despite the fact that many of them serve as battle mates. The vampire follower introduced during Dawn GuardThe main questline of, Serana, is often considered one of the most popular companions of Skyrim especially because of the amount of dialogue and unique story content it provides. As such, his exclusion from the mechanics of marriage is a bummer.

Marry members of the Thieves Guild and the Dark Guild

Skyrim characters who should have been marriage options but weren't the Dark Brotherhood thieves guild Astrid Brynjolf

SkyrimThe Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood questlines are both packed with memorable characters like Brynjolf, Vex, Karliah, and Astrid, and many of them serve as temporary disciples at one point or another. Their unique role in their respective intrigues, as well as their close relationship with the Dragonborn, could have made them excellent candidates for marriage. Unfortunately, however, the majority of characters from both guilds are not included in Skyrimthe list of wedding options.

Skyrim has no Khajiit marriage candidates

Skyrim characters who should have been marriage options but weren't Khajiit

Globally, SkyrimWedding options suffer from being too limited in terms of cash. Although there are ten great Old scrolls races, the vast majority of marriage characters in the game are Nordics. On the one hand, this makes sense given the amount of Skyrimthe overall population of is Nordic. On the flip side, there are plenty of Dunmer or Argonian characters that could have been romantic instead in order to provide more diverse options for players. Specifically, Skyrim doesn’t include a single Khajiit character on her list of marriage options, which – especially given the show’s importance to freedom and choice – feels like a missed opportunity.

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