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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the wonky battle sim, confirmed a mobile port is coming during the recent TapTap Presents event.

TABS, Landfall’s not-quite-realistic physics-based combat simulation game is getting a mobile port. News of this full-scale brawler coming to iOS and Android screens fell during the weekend’s TapTap Presents stream, showcasing a range of awesome new updates for current and future mobile projects. Thanks to publisher XD Ince, which also showcased Torchlight Infinite at the event, the combat sim will invade small screens, but won’t leave any of its arsenals on the desktop.

Originally launching in April 2021 for PC gamers, it put armchair generals in command of red and blue wobblers of ancient lands, spooky locales, and fantasy worlds. Giant mammoths, tanks, undead skeletons, gun-wielding wobblers, and over 100 different unit types were available to jump into silly situations and watch the outcome on a variety of terrains. All of the ridiculous battle brawls available on the big screen are set to come to iOS and Android.

TapTap’s official FAQ confirms that cross-play will be available, while this cartoonish campaign will be a paid-to-download title, meaning players won’t be able to fight their way to success. If you’re itching to get the real deal and try TABS on the go, check out the wonderfully silly trailer above and head over to the official site now for more.

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