Powerball: $200,000 winning ticket sold Monday at Mass gas station. Shell



There was no power ball Monday night jackpot winners for the $625 million prize, but three Massachusetts lottery players took home big prizes through gambling.

A $200,000 Powerball ticket was sold Monday at the Holbrook Food Mart, located at a Shell gas station in Holbrook at 855 South Franklin St.

The other two winning tickets were each worth $50,000. One was sold in Lakeville at Joe’s Gas, and the other in North Quincy at Atlantic and spirits market.

The following Powerball Jackpot Drawing will be on Wednesday, October 26 and will be worth $680 million. If won, it would be the seventh biggest Powerball jackpot in history.

Overall, 679 winning lottery tickets worth at least $600 were sold or claimed in Massachusetts on Monday, including 25 in Worcester and 11 in Springfield.

Massachusetts State Lottery Releases Full List listing of all Commonwealth winning tickets each day. The list only includes winning tickets over $600.

The biggest lottery prize won in Massachusetts this year was worth $16.35 million, which was part of the game Megabucks Doubler. It was purchased from Cumberland Farms in Ware. There were also three $15 million in prize money won in the Commonwealth This year.

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