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Fantasy movie star Orlando Bloom looks set to headline the small screen in a new trailer for the latest King of Avalon update.

While everyone reading this is probably familiar with movie stars giving product recommendations, Orlando Bloom seems to have been involved in a recent collaboration with mobile MMO King of Avalon. Not only has the Hollywood star added her likeness as a playable character in this fantasy adventure, Bloom is now the focus of a new trailer that has just been released. In this live action trailer, @LordOrlando plays both the hero of the game and the real player, to save a fortress under siege.

New quests

Nor is it unprecedented. The actor is already in the game as Orlando the Nightshard. This character adds the story of a mysterious lost hero to the online adventure. This new warrior was a famous and respected leader of the knights, until the Unmelted, a mysterious new enemy, appeared. One day, Orlando was attacked by the Unmelted in the city of Dragonshield, while trying to save others. Orlando has disappeared and a hero who looked like him but half-unmelted has been found. Now players can explore this new in-game lore by participating in The Ballad of Orlando questlines. Luckily for us, it looks like publisher Funplus wants to expand on this new tradition:

Orlando the Nightshard has already become a fan-favorite hero in King of Avalon and we’re excited to invite new players into the game to enjoy the character as well.said Chris Petrovic, Commercial Director of FunPlus.Orlando marks the start of a new era in ‘King of Avalon’, with renewed in-game art design, an all-new strategy mode called Tower Defense, and an exciting storyline that fans will love.e. »

New content

Along with this lore update, the latest addition to this free-to-play mobile title also includes a new Tower Defense game mode. Here, players will need to strategically deploy heroes and troops to defeat waves of Unmelted. The Unmelted are an unusual addition to the game, approach Avalon as vicious creatures covered in snow and ice. Players will have the opportunity to explore what this means for the world and offer a warm welcome to Avalon invaders.

you can learn more about the update and grab Kings of Avalon on the iOS and Android storefronts now.

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