Noah’s Heart officially launches worldwide on PC and mobile


Steampunk fantasy MMORPG Noah’s Heart has officially launched worldwide on PC and mobile devices following its soft launch in Europe earlier this month. Players around the world can now begin their adventures on the procedurally generated planet of Noah, explore its dungeons and complete various challenges without borders or loading screens and the limitations of a class-based system.

“Say goodbye to conventional weapons and class limitations,” says developer Archosaur Games. “You are free to choose the weapon that seems most suitable to you and switch between primary and secondary weapons. Build strong teams with your friends to face the enemies of rival factions and the terrifying monsters that lurk within dungeons.

Players will also be able to specialize in different professions that will allow them to craft anything they need in the game. They will also be able to summon and collect heroes called Phantoms to fight alongside them as they travel through across the vast seamless fantasy world.

“Planet Noah offers a fantastic opportunity for explorers to socialize, it’s where you’ll enter the metaverse of a different world. With a wide variety of lifestyles, you’ll meet new friends from all over the world. Whether you want to share the joy of exploring in the wild or even fight side by side with your guild members, there will always be a place for you on the planet to join others. Let’s write your adventure story together on the Planet Noah!

Check out the official launch trailer below.

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