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With the new Netflix vampire thriller Night Teeth, director Adam Randall returns to the streaming giant after making his first UK original Netflix film under iBOY cover in 2017.

Driver Benny spends his working evening being blown away by the way the other half lives during his first shift as a driver. A world far from its lower middle class habitat in Boyle Heights. But he soon realizes that he is beside himself when he discovers that his passengers are vampires hungry for revenge. Remember, “there are three rules” …

Produced by 42 and Unique Features, Brent Dillon writes the screenplay with wife and husband duo The Hultquists, scoring the play, amid a new injection of modern tunes.

Read on for a detailed guide to the cast of the characters who appear in Night Teeth – and the actors who play them.

Megan Fox plays Grace

Who is Grace? Vampire Queen Grace plays a hesitant game with Eva as they attempt to quash the idea of ​​upset from her inferiors. Beverly Hills is her territory and she doesn’t intend to give it up so easily …

Where did i see Megan Fox before? Maybe locally? Just kidding, he’s an international superstar, with movie roles in the Transformers franchise, Jennifer’s Body and two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. You might have seen her on a few magazine covers and even in Eminem & Rihanna’s music video for “Love The Way You Lie”.

Most recently, she starred in another horror thriller Till Death and finished filming Big Gold Brick directed by Brian Petsos, which is slated for release in 2022.

Sydney Sweeney plays Eva

sweeney sydney

Who is EVirginia? The pianist and vampire queen of Beverly Hills, Eva takes responsibility with her partner Grace. She experiences nocturnal luxury by living together in the mansion overlooking the suburbs, but is she aware of the threat that awaits her?

Where did i see Sydney Sweeney before? You might know Sweeney as Eden in The Handmaid’s Tale. She also played the role of Snake, one of leader Manson’s loyalists, in Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

Alexander Ludwig plays Rocco

Alexander ludwig

Who is Rocco ? Rocco, the clearly wacky, sleeveless maniacal vampire, also seems suited for challenging YouTubers to high-potential boxing matches. But instead, he controls Venice in the hierarchy of power. Receiving a visit from an old friend, is he ready to welcome him with new faces?

Where did i see Alexander Ludwig before? Ludwig would be best known for his role as Bjorn in Vikings or Dorn in Bad Boys For Life. You might even remember him from The Hunger Games where he played Cato.

Jorge Lendeborg Jr. plays Benny

Jorge Lendeborg Jr. plays Benny in Night Teeth

Jorge Lendeborg Jr. plays Benny in Night Teeth

Who is Benny? A guy like “run before you can walk”, we would be convinced that he is studious enough to know it better… Benny is a budding DJ / producer who gives it to their heart. Skating around Boyle Heights, however, he seems happy to be a complete middleman for now. But that all changes after his half-brother Jay gives in to his demands for employment at his high-end chauffeur business.

Director Randall had died on Jorge after his audition, telling his agent, “It must be Jorge.”

Where did i see Jorge Lendeborg Jr before? You may know Jorge as Jah Son in Hulu’s Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Or even his on-screen debut where he played the role of one of the four teenagers from The Land.

Debby Ryan plays Blaire

NIGHT TEETH (2021) Jorge Lengeborg Jr. as Benny and Deborah Ryan Papp as Blaire.  Creator: Kat Marcinowski / NETFLIX

Who is Blaire? One of the youngest vampires on the scene, Blaire is one half of a fraternal couple with the elder Zoe. Along with her brother, she uses Benny’s chauffeur company to go from party to party where she conducts her deadly business.

Where did i see Debby Ryan before? Ryan was the face of Disney Channel Original Jessie, where she pledged her craft by co-developing, co-producing and directing. It was around this time that she became the youngest actress in the Directors Guild of America’s multi-camera community!

Ryan has been a Disney Channel fixture since his first role alongside Dylan and Cole Spruce in Suite Life on Deck as Bailey Pickett, but his most recent recurring role would be in the Netflix series Insatiable as Patty Bladell.

Lucy Fry plays Zoe

NIGHT TEETH (2021) Jorge Lengeborg Jr. as Benny and Lucy Fry as Zoe.  Creator: Kat Marcinowski / NETFLIX

Who is Zoe ? A dry and cold vampire, Ms. Zoe Moreau has a penchant for confrontation. The Simple Talking Man Eater laughs at the arrows of Night Legion as she, Blaire, and Victor attempt to take over the night.

Where did i see Lucy Fry before? Fry’s acting career has straddled the mediums of television, film and theater. She is probably best known for her role as Stella Gigante in Godfather of Harlem. Fry uses his strengths in this role of blood-sucking paranormal after a previous role of Vasalisa Dragomir in Vampire Academy.

Alfie Allen plays Victor

alfie allen

Who is Victor? Victor is a British vampire turned rogue. He and his romantic partner Zoe are determined to claim rights to the city that have never been granted to them before …

Where did i see Alfie Allen before? Game of Thrones fans will know Allen as Iron-born’s youngest heir, Theon Greyjoy. He also recently appeared in Jojo Rabbit, which won multiple Oscar, Golden Globes, and SAG nominations.

Raul Castillo plays Jay Perez

Who is Jay? Following a pact that spans several generations, Jay leads the crew protecting the world from humans. That makes Jay a busy man – far too busy to see his half-brother Benny. But once the line is crossed in this volatile world, Jay and Benny must resolve their differences as greed spills like blood.

Where did i see Raúl Castillo before? Castillo also has an acting career straddling the mediums of television, film and theater. He is also a playwright, his work being presented on stages in Chicago and New York. He’s probably best known for his role as Richie Donado Ventura on HBO’s Looking.

Marlene Forte plays Abuela

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - AUG 21: Actress Marlene Forte arrives at the 24th Annual Imagen Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 21, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Michael Kovac / FilmMagic)

Who is Abuela? Benny and Jay’s dear grandmother welcomed the two boys after their mother passed away. A former curator, she wants Benny to follow a traditional career path and hopes he settles in with the right partner.

Where did i see Marlène Forte before? With a career spanning three decades, Forte would likely be best known for her role in the Dallas series, appearing as Carmen Ramos. With multiple roles in productions set to be released, expect to see Forte in more.

Night Teeth is now streaming on Netflix. Read our guides to the best series on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix, or find something to watch now with our TV guide.

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