Marc Mimram Architecture and Engineering designs the UCPA Grand Reims Sports Station


In Reims, in northeastern France, the Marc Mimram Architecture and Engineering studio designed the UCPA Grand Reims Sports Station leisure and water sports complex. The new facility offers citizens a wide range of sports activities: a hall with 4 indoor swimming pools – one of which is Olympic-sized and can accommodate 1,500 spectators – and an outdoor swimming pool, a wellness centre, an indoor ice rink and a outdoor ice rink connected to the course, a fitness area, an area for padel and squash courts, a co-working area and shops.
The new complex was built in a “urban reconquest” zone located between the city center and the areas adjacent to the railway works, where important transformations of the local territory are in progress.

The urban character of the site was well interpreted by the architects, who created a project open and welcoming to the city, while maintaining the privacy required for water sports. In particular, to achieve this result, the architects designed a basic volume, strictly closed and accommodating the technical functions of the sports equipment. The changing rooms and the environments necessary to preserve the privacy of bathers are located in this area. The upper level, where the swimming room is located with the various indoor pools, is closed by full-height transparent windows that follow the sinuous shape of the roof in front. Seen from the outside, the building appears as a light structure that blends delicately and harmoniously into the urban context. From inside, on the contrary, the glazed and transparent swimming pool offers wide views of the city, becoming an integral part of it. Plants and trees arranged in flowerbeds, both inside and outside, help to make the complex and sinuous lines of the roof more welcoming, interrupted only by a few skylights that enhance the play of light and the colored refraction when light hits water.

(Agnes Bifulco)

Images reproduced with the kind permission of Marc Mimram Architecture and Engineeringphotos by ©Erieta Attali

Project name: UCPA Sport Station Grand Reims
Client: Reims Métropole – Public Private Partnership. ADIM EST Vinci group
Architects: Marc Mimram Architecture & Associés, Marc Mimram Engineering, Egis Building Grand Est
Companies: GTM Hallé, SOGEA Picardie, SOTRAM, EDF Optimal Solutions
Address: 21 Boulevard Jules Cesar, 51100 Reims, France
Completed: November 2020
Program: Grand Reims Aquatic Leisure Complex
Area: 11,450 m² (sports pool 1,281 m², children’s pool 255 m², adult well-being pool 100 m², ice rink area 1,499 m²)
Budget: €37.9 million excluding tax
Photo credits: ©Erieta Attali

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