Macon Radio Station’s Glory House offering free lunch


The house is part of the GLORY 107.9 FM/WDDO 980 AM initiative to connect with the community.

MACON, Georgia – Apostle Vertise Rozier and Bishop Don Scott are part of local radio station 107.9 FM/WDDO 980 AM, or “GLORY”.

Some of their popular segments include “The Drive Time” and “High Praise at High Noon”.

“Our express connection is simply about connecting the community through the gospel,” Scott said.

The organization has established a new way to help the community through The Glory House, which is located in the Cherokee Heights neighborhood of Macon.

“We created what we call the Glory House,” Rozier said. “It’s like a place of refuge sponsored by 107.9 WDDO.”

The organization offers 150 bagged lunches to the community on Fridays starting at 11 a.m. The lunches will contain, among other things, sandwiches and fruit.

They also open up the Glory House to anyone who faces the heat and doesn’t have proper air conditioning.

“They can come here to watch TV, listen to the radio and have a cool refuge in the hot season,” Rozier said.

They plan to continue this week on Friday.

“We’re going to keep going as long as we can,” Rozier said.

Scott pointed out that the Glory House is open not just to the homeless, but to anyone in need.

“We’re still looking at the homeless population, but there’s actually a hungry population that has homes but no food,” Scott said, “We’re trying to meet that need, any need in the community. which we can eventually answer, we try to make sure that we do.

The Glory House has been around for two years. The station also created the Glory Global Foundation, which is connected to its “Drive Time” segment, to meet the needs of the community.

“‘We decided because we realize there are a lot of people who are struggling or suffering,” Rozier said. community is what we set out to do.

In the past, Glory House and the Glory Global Foundation have powered nursing homes, group homes and halfway houses and also provided radios to local neighborhood senior centers. They plan to take a bus to Tanger Outlets in Locust Grove on Saturday to help residents with back-to-school shopping.

“A lot of times, you know, people are too proud to ask and because we have connectivity with the community, we try to accommodate unsolicited needs,” Scott said.

Rozier expects a strong turnout on Friday.

“We’re looking forward to a lot of people,” Rozier said. “Even if you are not coming for yourself, you may know someone in the community who needs these packed lunches. Come and grab ’em, it’s called the Glory House back door. Come to the back door, grab your lunch and go.

Food is first come, first served, but Scott said that could change over time.

“We expect it to grow, and as it grows, we’ll be able to meet a bigger need,” Scott said.

The Glory House is very important to the mission of the radio station.

“We sure love playing music and we thank the community for listening,” Rozier said. “But our greatest thing is to give, to serve and to provide for the needs of the neighborhood, as best we can.”

The Glory House is located at 1080 Courtland Ave in Macon.

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