Lost Ark name restrictions and character reservation explained



lost ark will be released soon and the devs have provided an update on name reservation and restrictions for characters and guilds.

The next MMORPG is published by Amazon Games. It’s been available in Korea since 2019, but soon we’ll all be able to experience the game’s stunning landscapes, thrilling combat, and incredible ARPG visuals.

One of the most exciting aspects is its character creation suite, and the developers have provided some key answers to help players at launch.

Lost Ark name restrictions for characters and guilds

the lost ark name restrictions for characters and guilds include spaces and uppercase letters other than the first letter.

Also, you cannot use special symbols such as [email protected]#$%. Protagonist identities are also limited to a maximum of 16 letters, while Guilds have a maximum of 20 letters.

You are also not allowed to use numbers.

Lost Ark | Launch Trailer

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Lost Ark | Launch Trailer






name reservation

Name reservation in lost ark is only after creating your character.

Finalizing your hero will result in their identity being reserved. This will prevent other players from sharing the same identity and the unfortunate news is that titles will not be automatically released after a hero is deleted.

If you want to release a name for the general public, you will have to delete your character and then go through a manual process. The problem is that the developers have stated that this manual process will not be available right away or in the near future.

Meet the developer January 2022 Team Update post for more information.

Lost Ark Character Creation Course

You will be able to choose one of five classes at the start of the character creation process.

These five classes and their subclasses are:


  • Berserker (melee)
  • Paladin (melee)
  • Gunlancer (melee)

Martial artist:

  • Attacker (melee)
  • Wardancer (Melee)
  • Scraper (melee)
  • Soulfist (Melee)


  • Gunslinger (range)
  • Gunner (range)
  • Deadeye (scope)
  • Sniper (range)


  • Bard (range)
  • Witch (range)


  • Shadowhunter (melee)
  • Deathblade (melee)

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