Lineage 2 and Aion boost PC revenue, mobile titles down 8% QoQ in Korea



NCSoft has released its third quarter 2022 earnings report, detailing a mix of rising and falling sales for that quarter. Third-quarter financial results follow in the footsteps of last quarter’s earnings decline.

Most notably, NCSoft’s mobile games revenue for the third quarter declined due to the stabilization of Lineage W and lower player engagement from Lineage 2M. Collectively, they earned KRW 437.3 billion, but saw an 8% quarter-on-quarter reduction. Unlike in early 2022 – when their mobile sales earned them KRW 640.6 billion – NCSoft continues to face declining mobile profits.

On the positive side, legacy online games Guild Wars 2, Lineage 2 and Aion helped boost PC sales by 1% quarter over quarter, earning KRW 97.1 billion. Additionally, Q3 overseas sales and royalties reached KRW 228.9 billion, up 40% year-on-year and accounting for 38% of their total revenue.

You can download and read the full report from the NCSoft website.

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