Inside Homme: Perth’s first all-day wine bar, retail store, barber shop, burger restaurant and creative hub



Why open a solo burger joint when you can add an all-day wine bar, retail store, barber shop and creative center to the mix?

Camera iconInside the retail space which stocks designer, local and streetwear pieces. Credit: @yourangle_

That was Kate Santos’ thought when she opened Homme at Highgate last week with business partner Craig Mangini.

Although the sleek space is unlike anything we’ve seen in Perth before, Santos says it happened by accident.

“When we first took over the site, we originally thought we would put our Upperhand burger restaurant front and center,” she says.

“After seeing the space, we realized how big the site was, and with all the space at the back of the building, we decided to put Upperhand in the driveway.

“It left the nice space up front. We knew it deserved to be something special and was to be enjoyed throughout the day.

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From there, the idea of ​​creating a space where people could bring their laptops to work and meet like-minded creatives was born.

Whether you come to type on your keyboard, enjoy an afternoon vino with friends or come for a bite to eat or browse, there is something for everyone.

What could be better than wine, meat, cheese and homemade focaccia cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven?

Santos and Mangini had great bones to work with when it came to the original tall building with its high, ornate ceilings and exposed brick walls.

They splashed their own style by adding statement pieces such as neon plexiglass shelves that shimmer in the light and lush emerald green on the walls.

Santos has brought his love of designer clothes and streetwear to life in the retail space, with second-hand pieces from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Off White, as well as vintage and local designers available.

Man focuses on sharing style meals.
Camera iconMan focuses on sharing style meals. Credit: @yourangle_

A barber will be available a few days a week.

While the food is based on sharing plates, the team has also inherited a pizza oven from its former owners, Ace Pizza, and is excited to bring traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas to the masses soon.

“We really want to play in the space of beautiful plates to share where it’s all about eating together,” she says.

“We also feel that charcuterie has somewhat disappeared and we wanted to bring it back.

“What’s better than wine, meat, cheese and homemade focaccia cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven?”

Santos is delighted to be part of bustling Rue Beautfort and is in good company among neighbors Si Paradiso and Tom’s Providore.

“It’s amazing to see Highgate become a destination again and I hope people see it as a place to go out and stay,” she said.

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