Idaho radio station applauds criticism of LGBTQ+ pride logo


A Boise, Idaho radio station that released a Pride Month version of its logo in June is responding to criticism by keeping the logo for at least a month.

Classic rock station 96.6 The Eagle traditionally changes its eagle logo to include a rainbow flag as a background for Pride Month and puts it on Facebook, the Idaho Statesman reports. Some listeners have made anti-LGBTQ+ comments, but the station isn’t backing down.

“The flag remains up for another month, do it,” the station said. posted on Facebook. “If we lose fans, that’s fine. If we continue to be harassed, it’ll be fine for another month. Plus Freddie Mercury rules.

“The threat is not in vain”, Statesman Remarks. “In 2021, the station extended the campaign into the summer, publishing on August 2: ‘We warned you, now the pride flag stays lit for another month. “

Statesman Columnist Michael Deeds questioned whether the station’s endorsement was a “publicity grab” or a “heartfelt gesture”. He didn’t have the answer, as officials at 96.6 owner Cumulus Media declined to be interviewed. But in any case, the situation generated “an internet marketing sensation,” he writes.

“The post about leaving the rainbow flag until July received nearly 4,000 comments and 3,500 shares. So far,” he noted last week. That’s now up to 4,100 comments and 3,600 shares.

Some of the comments are negative, such as “It’s a scary trend you’re following” and “Go wake up! Go broke!” One even claimed that pride flags and other symbols of identity “separate” people.

But many praise the resort. “It’s EPiC,” wrote one commenter. “I’ve never been to Boise Idaho but y’all are officially my FAVORITE station. Greetings from SF.” Another said, “Lots of love from Texas! Thanks for supporting us! Found this station just because of it. And one noted, ‘Love the flag! Why don’t you leave it on all year, because the pride should be forever!”

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