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Habitica is a great app for organizing and achieving your goals. It’s a useful to-do list with good accountability features, but you can make it even better.

You can use Habitica as a journal, planner, to-do list, and accountability app with appropriate extensions and modifications. Follow these steps to add scheduling and logging functionality to Habitica.

1. Calendar view

A calendar view of Habitica using the Strategica integration

The first step is to add scheduling functions. For this you need to see your tasks on a calendar. It also makes Habitica more efficient, as you can see when you are busy and when you have time to add new tasks.

Use the strategitica integration to get a view of the calendar. You will need to log in using your Habitica user ID and API token. You can find them by going to Habitica > Settings and by opening the API tab.

Once you sign in, your Dailies and Scheduled Tasks will appear on the calendar. You can perform tasks, view their details, edit tasks, and add new tasks, all from the strategitica view. This means you can make it your new Habitica home base.


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It may seem a bit messy at first. You can get organized by going to the main Habitica website. Rearrange your days so that morning chores are on top and evening chores are on the bottom.

To make the timing even clearer, you can use emojis. You can try adding a sun for morning tasks and a moon for evening tasks. To-dos will appear under your Dailies in the Strategitica view. But only if they have due dates, then be sure to add them!

According to Harvard Business Review, deadlines can keep you from procrastinating. So, you should still add due dates to your to-dos.

2. Add events and appointments

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Rearranging Habitica in a calendar view does not make it a planner. To complete the functionality of the planner, we need to add events and appointments. The easiest way to do this is to connect Habitica to your Google Calendar.

If you are using the Habitica Lite + Email integration, you can add Dailies to Habitica by creating events in Google Calendar.

Adding Habitica Lite + Email

Google Apps Script for Habitica Lite + Email

To add the Habitica Lite + Email integration, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Apps Script page and click New project.

  2. Copy and paste the code from the project’s GitHub page, replacing any existing text.
  3. Name the file ““(without quotes)

  4. At the top of the script, to replace User ID, API token, and Gmail address with yours.

  5. to safeguard the project.

This links the app to your Habitica account.

Added trigger in Habitica Lite + Email Google Apps script that allows Google Calendar to send information to Habitica

Next, we connect the app to Google Calendar. This ensures that Google Calendar knows when to send data to Habitica.

  1. Click the clock icon to add triggers. Click on Add a trigger.

  2. For the function, select todofromGcal.

  3. For Event Trigger, select Time oriented.

  4. For Time-based trigger, select Day timer.

  5. Finally, choose a time that is between your usual bedtime and your usual wake-up time. Save the new trigger.

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The integration is now in place! There are only two simple steps left:

  1. hurry Deploy. Grant permissions when prompted.

  2. Go to Google Calendar and create a new calendar called HabiticaRecalls.

You can create appointments and add recurring events from the new Google Calendar. The application script will copy them to Habitica as new daily tasks. This way you can add appointments, work schedules and more to Habitica.

You can also use extensions and application scripts to link tools like Trello and Evernote to Habitica. Find your favorites on the Habitica page for Extensions, Add-ons and Customizations.

3. Add journal functions

An example of a diary entry in a Habitica guild

Adding journal functions to the scheduler is not essential, but journaling has many advantages. For example, keeping a gratitude journal can help you deal with depression.

Keeping a health journal can give you more control over your health. An idea journal can help keep your creative muscles in shape.

There are two main ways to add a journal to Habitica. One is to use Google Calendar as a journal. You can add daily “events” by using the HabiticaReminders calendar and writing your entry in the description section. Access old entries by creating a tag for them in Habitica, then sorting the Daily by that tag.

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You can also use Habitica’s Guilds feature. Create a private guild and name it My Journal or something similar. You can use the guild chat as a journal. The chat stores up to 200 messages and you can use markup to format them with headers.

If you create your own guild, you can create private challenges that allow you to add and remove tasks as you wish. This is useful if you have semi-frequent tasks that don’t perform well as Dailies.

4. Manage additional gold and XP

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To prevent Events and Appointments from inflating your XP and Gold, set them to commonplace difficulty. This allows the task to generate less rewards when checked.

You can also relate them to actual tasks. For example, turn a birthday reminder into a birthday task: “send flowers for mom’s birthday”. In this way, it represents an accomplishment.

If you still have an unearned amount of gold, create a custom reward on the rewards screen to invest more in it. The amount of gold you get from a “trivial” task depends on your Perception score. The best way to determine how much extra gold you are getting is to take note when you check off your tasks.

Gamify your agenda

The motivating and playful power of Habitica is now available in planner form. However, you will still need to open the Habitica app or website for some items. For example, you cannot access party functions or guilds through strategitica.

But many groups use a separate messaging app like Discord or Facebook, so that’s no problem. Your Habitica planner will cover all the tasks related to productivity and planning.

You will be able to keep your journal, appointments, events, and to-do list together in Habitica. You can also continue to use Google Calendar or another app if you prefer. Now Habitica can help you manage your schedule and your goals!

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