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I have a huge love/hate relationship with the dying light franchise. I’m intrigued by the concept of a safe and dangerous zombie game where the goal is to survive using what you find and how you navigate the world. I also respect the amount of support the games receive (the first dying light received support until this year). The games have a wonderful parkour system that rivals something like mirror edge but always seem attached to mundane and monotonous experiences.

Dying Light 2 was a perfect example. A game bogged down by a lengthy tutorial, boring challenges, and a world I felt underinvested in despite having ‘pivotal’ choices in its world and also despite some of the best free-running and art direction I’ve experienced in a game online. open world.

Walk in bloody tiesthe first DLC of a five-year plan to support Dying light 2.

Aiden finds himself drawn into a Thunderdome-inspired arena/tournament and a story involving a new NPC named Ciro. On paper, bloody ties has an intriguing premise. The idea of ​​a post-apocalyptic survival tournament that survivors enter to seek fame and glory seems like an absolute win. Unfortunately bloody ties turns out to be the last thing Dying Light 2 needed: more challenges and side content. In a game that already had nearly hundreds of hours of secondary content, it would have been nice to receive new, more substantial content, especially after players had to wait a while for Dying Light 2it is February release.

This is the problem inherent in bloody ties at a fundamental level. The story is very light and unsatisfying and the expansion turns into a series of uninviting timed challenges. If you were a finalist with over 200 hours spent in the base game, guess what? Here’s more of the same and it probably won’t take you long to complete; I was able to finish it in about 3 hours of play and didn’t feel the need to go back to it. Most of the content in this new expansion is even formatted the same way with “go to x location, kill x enemies”, etc. Expansions and DLCs are an opportunity for developers to expand and evolve the ideas of the base game and bloody ties feels like a swing and a dud.

In an age where games are getting massive content updates for free, Bloody Bonds’ The $10 asking price seems very high for what it is: more secondary content disguised with a light story. The most concerning thing about this prospect is that it’s Techland’s first DLC drop in a five-year plan; if this sets the standard for what players are going to receive, i don’t see myself going back to Dying Light 2 at all in the near future. The highest praise I can give this one is that it is functional and offers the same to players who have enjoyed and have already consumed all of the base game content. But if you fall from Dying Light 2 ancillary content, bloody ties won’t change your mind.

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