Guild Wars 2 Update Allows New Characters to Get Raptor Mounts Earlier, Fixes Warrior Banners, and More


Guild Wars 2 opened another edition of the Festival of the Four Winds with the latest update. The update continues some balance updates, including Warrior and New Player Experience updates. This patch also adds the Kralkatorrik Legendary Variant Skin Collection for anyone with an Aurene-based Legendary weapon to acquire.

With Guild Wars 2Steam’s debut on Steam, the ArenaNet team talked about focusing on improving the new player experience and making the initial experience and older content more consistent with what came later . This includes the world boss updates in the previous patch, and this update makes several different changes to the initial experience to allow players to permanently unlock a base raptor mount after reaching level 10 on a character. If you reach level 80 and also have the Path of Fire expansion, you can unlock mount masteries later. There are also updated default selections in options, graphics, and controls.

The update also brings balance changes to several classes, including the Ranger, Mesmer, and Warrior. Of particular note are the banner changes for the Warrior, which were largely rejected in the June update, and ArenaNet admitted to doing it a bit hastily without revealing the goals behind the changes in an act of bad luck. communication.

This week’s patch notes come with edits and acknowledgments.

“We missed the mark with the banner changes in the June update. We went back to the drawing board to be bolder with the changes, add more powerful utility, and make the banners easier to use. Each Banner will now provide its strongest boons immediately upon use and have a much shorter base cooldown of 30 seconds.

The Festival of the Four Winds is back until August 23. Embark to join the festival and join a celebration of peace between cultures, participate in challenges such as races, treasure hunts, etc.

To learn more about the full update, head towards Guild Wars 2.

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